(or things I like to do in my spare time ;) when not crossdressing)

Hot Air Ballooning:

My SO tried for a couple of years to talk me into going out with her at 5:30 am to go ballooning. My response was always "Why would anyone in there right mind get up that early on the weekend?". After quite some time and talking she finally convinced me to try it just once. So that Saturday morning was the first time that I went out to see what it was all about and they actually offered to take me up in one of about five balloons that were out this particular morning. I have been hooked ever since. I like chasing the balloon about as much as riding in them. I guess its the thrill of trying to see if I can determine where the balloon will go and can I get there first.


I like experimenting with photography using a older Yashica FX7 35mm. I got into photography when my younger brother and his girlfriend asked me to take pictures at the wedding. The only camera I owned at that point was a Kodak disc cameras. I went out and purchased a older Sears 35mm to practice with and my brother in-law brought his Yashica FX7 out when he came for the wedding and that was the one I used to shoot the wedding with. Since then I have purchased several filters and other assorted accessories for the camera. I get out the camera on various occasisions and try to get some unique shoots.


I love the feel of the wind blowing in my face and the power of the cycle underneath me. My last bike was a Suzuki GS750LX. I had a full fairing and lowers and a adjustable backrest so that I could take it on long road trips. I don't currently have a bike but looking for a bike that my SO and I can ride together.


I started bowling when I lived in Carlsbad NM, since there was not much else there for entertainment. I really enjoy the sport (although I'm not very good ) my average is only about 140. My SO and I enjoyed bowling in a sunday mixed leauge and had quite a lot of fun.

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