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Since several people have asked about my Bio I have decided to put together some information about myself.  So here goes nothing. 

I'm a 40 year old crossdresser who lives in north central Texas.  I have had feelings that I wanted to dress in woman's clothing from an early age.  I can not pin this down to a certain age or event, but I don't think that really matters anymore.  It was not until I was in my twenties that I learned that I was not the only person with these feelings.  At this time I could not find a lot of information on cross dressing, so it was much later in life that I found anything to help.   

While I lived in New Mexico I happened to see a Geraldo show that had cross dressers as the topic.  Toward the end of that show they gave out some addresses of support groups that helped cross dressers.  One of those groups was Tri-Ess.  After contacting Tri-Ess I found out that they had a new chapter in Albuquerque, which I joined up with.  Now at this time I was currently married for my second time to a wife that was sort of understanding.  The first meeting that I attended was very nerve racking at first.  When I rang the doorbell I was shaking like a leaf not knowing what to expect.  I explained to the woman at the door who I was and that I was there to attend the meeting and was ushered in.  Now as the introductions took place I was amazed to find out that the woman that let me was actually one of the members.  Most of the members there were very believable in the way they were dressed and their mannerisms.  My experience with them was quite enjoyable.   I think one of the things that help make this time enjoyable was the fact that most of members wives were also at the meeting, and did not seem to mind what was going on.  I talk to my wife and brought her to the next meeting so that she could see what it was like.  After the meeting with the other wives of the group my wife seemed to except my dressing better.  Now she buys me things and is more excepting and understanding.

Now I dress as often as I can and go out when possible, which is not as often as I would like.  I do not pass well so that keeps me from getting out all that often.  I'm 6'2" and weigh to much to make a very believable woman.  There have been a few exceptions though.  Since we live in a very small town I have to wait till we go somewhere on vacation or there have been a few Halloweens that I have been able to go out in drag.

Well I think that this is getting a little long winded so I will close for now.  If you want to write I promise that I will write back.  I believe that we should all support each other and try to overcome what society thinks.


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