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Day 9: Venice to Verona to Innsbruck
Day 10: Innsbruck to Munich to Heidelberg
Day 11: Heidelberg to Cologne to Amsterdam
Day 12: Amsterdam to London

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Taste of Europe: June 7, 1999-June 18, 1999

For my very first real vacation anywhere significant, I decided on heading across to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean! I booked a Trafalgar Club 21-35 Europe tour , "a vacation with attitude only for 21-35 year olds". The specific tour was called Taste of Europe, which was a 12 day tour visiting 8 countries in Europe. I had such a great time on that trip that I have resolved to travel as much as I can, as long as I can afford it. I was officially bitten by the travel bug!

This tour was designed specifically for the 21-35 year old traveler, so much of the sights and excursions were geared towards the young adult traveler. Traveling with a group of people in the same small age group also made the vacation far more enjoyable. There is also plenty of free time for people to do their own thing as well as a large choice of optional excursions to participate in at extra cost. I ended up going on all of these optional excursions, and they were certainly worth it, since I got to see much more than if I tried to go at it on my own, and most people appeared to have had the best time on these optionals. Some of these optionals included special meals and nights out that enabled everyone to get to really bond together and get to know their travel mates. After all, we were going to be together for almost 2 whole weeks!

This tour was a good introduction for someone like myself, who has never been to Europe (or has never even traveled before). For anyone in the western hemisphere who hasn't visited Europe, I urge you to do it at least once in your life, and do it while you're still young. It is such a different world over there, full of history, culture and energy, best enjoyed when you're young, uninhibited and full of energy.

Writing this travelogue many months after the actual vacation sure brought back plenty of memories. For any of my fellow travelers who shared this same trip, or for those who have already been to Europe, I hope it brings back pleasant memories for you too. For those who have yet to go to Europe, I hope this gives you your own "Taste of Europe" and helps to convince you to get up and go on over there yourself!

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(My sincerest thanks to our tour director, Andee and our driver, Lucas for a great time!)
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