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Day 1: Arriving in Madrid
Day 2: Madrid to Toledo to Cordoba
Day 3: Cordoba to Granada
Day 4: Granada to Costa del Sol
Day 5: Costa del Sol
Day 6: Costa del Sol to Gibraltar to Seville
Day 7: Seville
Day 8: Seville to Lisbon
Day 9: Lisbon
Day 10: Lisbon to Salamanca
Day 11: Salamanca to Madrid
Day 12: Madrid
Day 13: Madrid (extra day after tour ends)


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August 28 - September 9, 2000

Welcome to my travelogue of my trip through Spain & Portugal with Contiki Holidays.

I had done a whirlwind European tour the previous year, so this time I decided to take a more compact tour of a smaller region. Since the European tour I took last year did not include either Spain or Portugal, this tour from Contiki seemed like the perfect choice to complete the "Western European experience".

As before, I wasn't too keen to taking any regular tour, as most of these "regular" tours included mostly people who were as old as my parents and even grandparents. Therefore, aside from backpacking it on my own, the only other option was to take a Contiki tour, where everyone on the tour would be between the age of 18 and 35 years old. This tour of Spain & Portugal was geared very much to the younger crowd, even more so than the Taste of Europe tour I took in the previous year.

For those who have yet to visit Spain & Portugal, I hope this travelogue gives you an idea of what you can expect. For those who have been on this same tour, and especially for my other 45 fellow travellers, I hope this brings back some fond memories, as it certainly has for me while putting this travelogue together.

To this day, this remains the best two weeks I have ever had in my life!

When you've finished reading my travelogue, please don't forget to Sign the Guestbook and/or continue onto my other travelogues of Europe and New Zealand.

Special thanks to our tour manager, Jacquie and our driver, Manuel, and my own personal thanks to Nestor at  Carlson Wagonlit Travel

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