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Hello Everyone!!! We are back!!!! This site is now being updated so please send me information on all tournaments and leagues. I will get them posted immediately. Thank you for your support.

Welcome to The Jacksonville Bull

This site is designed to assist the local dart community and visitors alike.  We will attempt to keep you up to date on the dart happenings in the area.  This is a new site and information will be updated regularly to keep all dart throwers in the BULL . Whether you are searching for a weekly tournament or a large tournament , you can find it here.  Jacksonville has tournaments daily in the city.  I know from personal experience that sometimes it is difficult to find a tournament in another area of Jacksonville.  Hopefully, this will aid you in your quest.  If you are new to the area and want to find a dart pub  or a local league , look here and save the time driving or calling all over Jacksonville.  We have recently added some pages that we hope you enjoy.  There is a Tournament Tips page that instructs someone on how to run a tournament and tournament brackets are available.  A Graphics and Links page have also been designed to aid you in a personal site or information that is not available to you through The Jacksonville Bull.  A Comics and Jokes Page has been added and there is a Under Construction page that will show you what is in store for the Jacksonville Bull in the future.We can only add the information to this site that we know, so please email us with your information or ideas to better serve the throwers.

new   We have just added Dashing Darters and Dart Diddies to the site. These pages are not completed, but with your help will be very soon. Please send your photos to meCheck out this site regularly for more new stuff to come!!!!!!  We are attempting to make this site fun and informative for all.  Feedback is ALWAYS welcome here on the  Jacksonville Bull.
Do you prefer soft tip or steel tip darts?

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If anyone wants to add information to this site or if any information is not correct, please e-mail us as soon as possible.  We want this site to operate as smoothly as possible.  This site is intended to promote all establishments and businesses involved in the sport of dart throwing.

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 Local Tournaments     Local Leagues     Large Tournaments     Pub Information
 Tournament Tips     Dart Definitions     Link Page     Graphics
Jacksonville BullSh*t    Dashing Darters  Dart Diddies  
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