Rules for Submissives


Before a "session" begins we will have "free time", this is where you have the ability to speak with me as an equal. We will establish your limits at this time and cover any questions you may have.

The following applies during "Sessions". A "Session" begins when I fasten on your wrist and ankle cuffs. During sessions, unless I dress you otherwise, you will be naked except for cuffs. You will always assume your position on all fours unless told otherwise. I would also advise ordering a leather jock strap, as I frequently have the slave remain in a leather jock strap for sessions and for service.

You must always ask permission before you do or say anything. Period. The proper form of address is "Master, may I speak?" You must always use the proper form of address when attempting to communicate with me. For instance, if you want to ask a question or have a request or need to talk to me about anything, you will say, "Master, may slave speak?". If I grant you permission, and I always will, unless I see that you are using this to try to manipulate me, then you may tell me what you want to say or request. The only exception to this rule is an emergency or something that requires my immediate attention. Of course, if I ask you a question, you may answer without asking permission to speak. There will be times when I will tell you that you make speak such times you do not have to ask permission. I will let you know when these free times are over.

When I ask you a question, you must always answer with the word "Sir" at the end of the sentence. This applies even during free times. Failure to comply with this rule will be sufficient grounds for punishment.

You are never to say "No" to me when I tell you to do something. No matter how uncomfortable or embarrassed you may feel, you must always try to do what I tell you. If I see that you are unable to perform some task or action, I will let you know that you do not have to complete it.

When you sit, you must NEVER cross your legs or keep your knees together. You must always have your legs open so you will be totally exposed every time I look at you. If you fail to do this you will be disciplined until it becomes automatic for you. Of course this does not apply in public unless I specifically order you to do it.

Your safe word is "Enough". Do not hesitate to use this word if you find yourself in an unbearable situation. I will stop everything and we will talk about what is happening and how you are feeling and go from there. I will not be disappointed with you or unhappy; on the contrary, I will feel very good that you are being honest about how you are feeling, and that you trust me enough to talk about it. However, a safe word is not to be used to excuse you from doing a task that you can do but do not want to do; misuse the safe word and you may soon be without a Master.

If you fail to follow a rule you will be disciplined in some way. This may take various forms such as a really good spanking, or being placed in a bondage position that will force you to feel extremely helpless and submissive. This will change according to your level of training and the limits established. If you repeatedly break my rules and I feel that you are intentionally being arrogant and challenging my control of you, you will be punished. This will not be fun. I will use whatever method I feel will be most effective in letting you know that you are not pleasing me. You will know that you have made me unhappy. After your punishment, I will make you remain alone in bondage for a while to think about your behavior. I will always be in ear shot for your safety. During this time, I will not speak to you. After a while, I will come back to you and discuss your behavior. I will give you another chance to demonstrate that you are willing to follow my rules, and we will go from there.

You are not allowed any sexual release unless I permit it. If you displease me, you will not be allowed at all. Remember, when you chose to become my submissive, you are waiving the right to sexual release; I determine if and when you are entitled to sexual release and how you may achieve it. This means that you are not even allowed to touch your genitals without my permission.

There will always be a beginning and an ending to our D/s times. When you let me put your cuffs on, you are agreeing to be submissive to me until I take them off. You are also agreeing to abide by my Rules that I have just described for you. If you feel that you want the cuffs off to reflect on things, you may request this. I will decide if I want you to remove it or not, it will be up to me.

When we are out in public, you will wear a small leather wrist band which you will provide to represent the cuffs. Males will wear fem type under garments under street clothes. Males will also wear fem type undergarments when coming to a session. During times in public, I will always treat you with respect. When in public you will call Me by my given name. If I feel you are not being submissive, I will whisper in your ear and give you a chance to correct whatever behavior is not pleasing to me. If you don't immediately correct yourself, I will let you know that you will be punished when we get home. If this happens, upon arriving back home the first thing you will do will be to strip naked and get into your punishment position, which I will show you. You will remain in this position and wait for me to get undressed or whatever I want to do to prepare for your discipline. You will be disciplined for each violation separately, ie, two violations get you two different punishments. These will be severe!

If the above is within your grasp, you may proceed to the Questionnaire for Submissives. This is a very long, very comprehensive list that covers different activities in BDSM lifestyle. I want you to fill it out honestly, and submit it to Me so that I have a general idea of your limits and your mindset!

There are many items on this questionnaire that will never be practiced with Me, but I require you to fill them out.

This is an example of what your first session may be. You must remember that it is subject to change, as your limits must be considered, you may require more/less as well as the mood that is set during our first meeting. In this lifestyle, there are many different levels, and we must always adjust accordingly. I will not allow you to "top from the bottom", but I will adjust according to your level of training and where you are wanting to go.

We will start by meeting at a quiet restaurant or other neutral setting. This is safe for all parties, and we will get a chance to chat in real time. If it is a place that serves alcohol, you may have a drink or two, but no more. If, after we chat for awhile and all parties agree, we will proceed to a motel or hotel for our first session. You must understand that at a motel our play is limited, but I feel it is best to meet on neutral grounds the first time. If you have a place to entertain that is a plus. Do not demand to know the facilities that I can provide; that is impudence that will be met with a punishment.

Upon arriving at the motel, we will discuss your safe word and discuss in detail what your limits are. After this discussion, you will be told to strip down to your panties and go to the corner. After I get comfortable, you may be required to help me change into something more comfortable. I will have you come to me and I will examine you very thoroughly. This is a little humiliation training. After all, you are now my property, and I want to get a good look at what I own. I may then put you over my knee and give you a mild spanking to introduce you to what will happen if you do not please me. I may then give you a small enema to cleanse you for further examination or to start your anal training, after which I will insert a small plug. You will remain with the butt plug until I choose to remove it.

At this point, I may be ready for a long relaxing bath that you will provide for me. You will hand wash every inch of my body and enjoy doing so as this pleases your Master. After my bath, you will dry me off either with a towel or with your tongue, depending on my mood.

You will then ready my bed and get prepared to give me a long massage. I will watch the TV while you massage every nook and cranny. If you are a good sub and do a good job you may receive a reward at this time. Perhaps you will be allowed to masturbate, lick my feet and ass, suck my manhood, or any other reward that we will discuss prior to our sessions.

I may now tie you up, depending on what mood I am in. You may receive some more anal training, genital stimulation, CBT, nipple torture, spanking, etc. However, in first meetings, I rarely indulge in bondage or any activity other than initial familiarization with the Master and his needs.

After a little play time, I may allow you to suck your Master off, turn you over and have my way, make you rim my ass, or any number of other activities that fall within the established limits. As I am very open to many things in the world of BDSM, there are many more things that may happen depending on your limits.

Some important limits of my own:

  1. We will always practice safe and sane. That also means that I will not bareback you. Do not expect such activities with me.
  2. I do not do blood sports.
  3. I give out punishment but will never permanently bruise or cut in any way. If you are into markings of this nature, sorry; I am not your Master.
  4. Limits and safe words will be strictly adhered to at all times.

Some rules that must be adhered to before we will meet:

  1. Open and honest communication.
  2. Males must be bi or gay as you will be serving a Master.
  3. Have somewhat of a flexible schedule to facilitate scheduling of meetings.
  4. Have a photo to send via e-mail. These do not have to be nude, although preferred, but they do have to give Me an idea of what you look like. If you do not have the capabilities of sending through e-mail, you can take them to your local copy store and they can send them for you. Your looks are not that important, but we want to make sure you at least look like the person you say you are. I will give you photos of Me upon receipt of yours. You would not believe the misrepresentation we have received in the past!!! We are NOT collectors, so no one else will ever see your photo. On the other hand, if you would like your pictures on my Web page, that can be arranged, but you need to fill out a model release.

If you are still interested, you may e-mail me and we can discuss more details. I will be more than happy to answer any and all questions. If you are a newbie or an old pro, for the first meeting, you are permitted to bring a friend or mentor for your comfort as long as it discussed before hand.

To view the questionnaire for candidates, please refer to the Questionnaire for Submissives.

At a later stage, I will also train you in slavespeak, a manner of speaking in which a slave learns to present himself and to address others. I will determine at which point you are ready to move to this level.

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