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Times Almost Up!!!
Quick reminder that all entries to the Halloween Contest are to be in my inbox before 11:59pm TONIGHT.
Impulse 2   2:57am   November 14, 2004

Rules are up
The contest rules are posted. Click HERE to read and enter. GOOD LUCK!

P.S. Dont forget Smallville, this Wendsday, Bart Allen will appear, as Clark's enemy? *dum dum dum*.
Impulse 2   2:19am   October 18, 2004

"Good News Everyone"
Update time woo!

The Fan Fiction Section has been update with the conclusion of Mary Rahmel's Robin's Perfect Future. For those of you who are interested in submitting your stories to this site, please be sure to follow the guidelines and to submit them to

Now for the BIG News:

To commemorate my birthday (Oct. 30) and Halloween (Oct. 31), I have decided to hold the first ever U.I.W. Halloween Contest. All the information will be soon posted on the site. In general is a basic Fan Art, Fiction, Whatever contest where the most creative piece wins. Of course the will be prices. If this goes well and has a good turn out, then future contest will take place, even a Holliday one, this year. I'm counting on all of you.

Before I leave let me remind you that Next week (Oct. 20th) on Smallville is the episode where Bart Allen will appear, fire up those VCR.

Impulse 2   11:49am   October 16, 2004

The Buzzword is...
The buzz word for this month is "Bart Allen", that's because he is a hot item:

In the TV front, Bart Allen is scheduled to appear in the WB Smallville.

According to Bart Allen, played by Kyle Gallner will appeared in the fifth episode of the new season, starting this September. For more information about the episode, head on over to, and look under the spoilers section.

On the TCG or CCG front (Trading Card Game or Collectors Card Game):

The new Vs. System , a new Upper Deck TCG that lets you play as characters from both the DC Universe and Marvel Universe, has release its DC Origin expansion set. In this expansion new teams are introduce to the game, one of them being the TEEN TITANS, and on said team you can find team member Bart Allen/Kid Flash. To find out more about this card and game you can head to Upper Deck's DC Comics TCG, this site offers really general information about the expansion, to Pojo's Marvel and DC TCG or to VSRealms, this two other sites are for strategies of the game and general knowledge.

And with that I am outta here. Summer is about to end, and if anyone is willing to draw Bart being sad about it I will gladly upload it, or any other drawing of him or friends and such. Just be sure to follow the guidelines, all fan creations are to sent to LATER
Impulse 2   12:15am   August 29, 2004

A pathetic update form me!
I'm really sorry for neglecting this site, I should be ashamed of myself and I am. I'm really sorry to say that for this update I only have two things. First a new story from Mary Rahmel,"Robin's Perfect Future", Part 1 can be found at the Fan Secction. The other is a photo manipulation from newcomer Raymond Gunter, which also can be found at the Fan Secction.

Like I said that is all for now. I am really sorry but new content will be arraving soon. I have alot of good ideas but haven't found time for executing them. Until next time Impulse Fans.
Impulse 2   2:17am   April 4, 2004

Happy Belated Halloween
Hello Impulse fans, or should I say Kid Flash fans (see Teen Titans #4). That was a shocker, even though they were hinting at it from issue 1. If you don't know what I'm talking about go pick Teen Titans #4, the one with Robin on the cover, and don't miss issue 5, where they going to explain what drove Impulse to this decision.

Now for the site. This time I bring two cool drawings:

I would like to apologize to the artists for taking my sweet time updating the site, and double apology to Eviltwin for losing his e-mail, please send me an e-mail so I can add it.

That is it for this round. Keep watching for more updates, no really!
Impulse 2   11:48pm   November 3, 2003

This is a quick one
I'm making this fast, I need to get some sleep. Please forgive me for my lack of updates, I'll explain later ( I hope). Right now point your browser at the checklist section where you will notice that the first (of many) summary is online and ready to go, so please enjoy.

Impulse 2   1:22am   October 8, 2003

I would have been here sooner but...
I was watching the Daria Double Date Marathon on The-N (Noggin), and watching the end of the Daria Movie: Is it Collage yet? made me a little nostalgic for the High School scene. Thinking about my high school days and realizing that it wasn't that bad, got me depress. But after awhile and reminders of the future job of mine (High School Teacher, for the moment) I realize that moving on its just as natural and breathing and that it happens to everyone. So to all of you grads out there congrats and I hope your continue to Collage and all.

As you can see this update was meant to be up by June, but thanks to my procrastination is now July and finally up. It's getting a little harder to update this site, mostly on my part, but there something about it that I can't let it go. Go fig.

Well now for the actual update, this time around I have some Fan Fiction for all of you:
  1. Kung Fu Cowboys by: Mary Rahmel

Do you have some Fan Fiction about Impulse or his Team Companions then submit it to, be sure to follow the guidelines located here

Well I guess that about it, oh yeah before I forget, Casity I need you to resend me that picture of Impulse from May; the page that you gave me won't allow me to save it. A little reminder to everyone that this July (as in now) marks the 5th Anniversary of the Unofficial Impulse Website, and to celebrate I want to receive drawing commemorating this special occasion. So to anyone out there who has any skill with a pencil or ink please submit something.

OK I'll stop pleading now, until next time.
Impulse 2   11:59pm   July 15, 2003

Spring Break was flush with the rain
Um, it's been so long since I updated I have forgotten how to do it. I'll start by listing all the new things on the site:
  1. New Previews feat. The Titans/Young Justice Graduation Day

Well that was quick, as you can see I haven't received a lot of fan creation.

I wanted to discuss an issue that been occurring. Some people think that the Create a Story section is for writing stupid stuff, sometime it just scribble and then submitting it. If by some chance you are that kind of people please stop since your wasting my time and the form does submits your I.P. Address also.

In other news the Impulse Petition is now 609 signatures fuller, that means that pretty soon it will reach its goal of 1000 signatures. Signing twice or three times won't help but telling friend and family that haven't sign will.

Someday I will finish converting the fanfics into html, and the Impulse Checklist.
Well that all for now, I'll try to update more often.
Impulse 2   1:46am   April 20, 2003

Help me Casity, you're my only hope
Well it's that time again, update (and back to school). As you can see from my lack of updates (can't you tell?) I have started my classes at the University again. Hopefully I will manage my time better that the other semesters.

With that said let's get to the new stuff, 3 new pieces of incredible art from newcomer Marius Finnstun.

I'm still working in converting those awesome stories from Mary. And to my good friend Casity, I may need your help. Please e-mail me to discuss.

Well that all from me, until next time.
Impulse 2   1:40am   January 27, 2003

Happy Wisemen Day
Yea! more presents. If your from Puerto Rico or any other country that likes to celebrate a lot then Happy Wisemens Day, or roughly translated 3 Kings Day.

And being that day I bring you all more stories, actually just one, the conclucion to Mary's "A Beach Tale".

In other news the petition is up to 570 signatures.

Well that's all for now. Oh yeah, all of 2002 updates are now gone.
Impulse 2   1:55am   January 6, 2003

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