Forestedge Farm
Dogs and horses have been the primary "addictions" in my life, I can't imagine my life without them, our dogs name was one of the first words I ever spoke, and I was asking for a horse from the time I learned that word. I was fortunate to be able to have both from  a young age.
        My first riding horse at age 9 was Jug who was 16 and  a retired ranch horse,  he was the very best teacher a horse could be. When I was 15 I started grooming at the standardbred track, which led to my father buying me a horse I groomed for, as he healed from a fractured sesamoid I started training him under saddle, a free legged pacer Hi Clad eventually went back to racing and won a couple races. I was hooked on Standardbreds!  When I went off to college I had no trouble finding a home for my very old riding horse but could find no "pleasure horse" home for my Standardbred, so he was sold to a racing owner.  When I was able to get a horse again years later all I wanted was a Standardbred. I found the
Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization and joined , I also leased an appy mare  to ride until I could find "my" standardbred. The Appy mare left me with a colt in 1995 and a few months later I found my Standardbred in a 9 yr old stallion who needed to retire from  a long racing career.
    Maverick  was bred as a trotter but raced as a pacer, and while trying to regain the trot under saddle I found out that Standardbreds make Fantastic Gaited horses! Maverick does a wonderful foxtrot! What a joy to ride! In 1997 Maverick was the National Champion Rookie in the Standardbred Pleasure Horse Orginazition, we logged many miles in Judged Trail rides, Drives and at lots of local Horse Shows.But that wasn't without some problems as Maverick had some fear issues which caused me some hospital trips. In  1998 Maverick and I "found"
Parelli Natural Horsemanship and under the tutelage of David Lichman earned our Parelli Level 1 Partnership. What a incredible partnership it is, Maverick is now much more relaxed and confident.  Crackerjack,the Appy /Morgan colt benefitted from being raised using all Natural Horsemanship techniques. Crackerjack has now gone off to "college' and Mav was so distraught that I became very worried, We now have a second Standy, I brought home a retired mare, she was imported from NZ, raced well for 4 years, then had 3 foals and has now started her "pleasure horse" life as my new driving horse, It is so nice to drive again! welcome Ella!





Maverick, left ,with Ella above, Ella right,
Crackerjack bottom left with my niece Sarah
To see more pictures of my other dogs and horses please click here to go to my album
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