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           The Complete Collie without the Hair!
           I absolutely adore the Collie temperament, and the sleek look and easy care of the Smooth! Roma keeps a watchful eye on nearly everything, and she is sure to tell me if anything is out of place! Intelligent, devoted, highly trainable and affectionate, naturally gentle, happy and playful. Active when its called for but ready to relax when things slow down, announcing the arrival of guests, then greeting them happily. These dogs are so intuitive, they  seem to know what I'm feeling or thinking.  I have lived my whole life with dogs and never have I fallen so in love with a breed as I have with the smooth Collie!
   My dogs are my companions and live in the house, sleep on the bed and still can go to shows and win!  We train in obedience,rally and tracking, and  Halle will be a Therapy dog, we have tried carting and I'm sure we will try it again, so little time and so many things these wonderful dogs can do.  Hylights smooth Collies are  in happy homes , in the show ring, two I've  donated to NEADs are now active Service Dogs, and they have earned obedience tiltes, including a High in Trial! and Agility titles with more titles in obedience  agility and herding to follow.
       Health, temperament, soundness in mind and body and trainability, are paramount!    Litters will be few, and carefully planned, I will only breed what I want to keep.
Collie Club Of Maine
Saccarappa Obedience Club
Dog Tracking Club of Maine
American Working Collie Association
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