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Welcome to NBC Live!
Tonight we are chatting live with Galen Gering and Eva Tamargo Lemus who play Luis and Pilar on NBC's "Passions". Native of Los Angeles, Gering graduated from the University of Miami this past May. Gering was recently featured in two independent films, "Road Trip" and "Pistol Whipped." His role on "Passions" is his first television series appearance. A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Eva Tamargo Lemus studied acting in New York. Her theater credits include "Don Juan," "Rake of Seville," and "Yerma," Her film credits include "El Magnate," " Marla Elena," and "El Silencio De Neto."

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Welcome Galen and Eva!

Eva Tamargo Lemus: Hi guys! Welcome to Talk City!

Galen Gering: Thanks for signing on! I'd like to extend a warm welcome to everyone out there in computer land!

mouse: What age were you when you wanted to become an actor/actress in the business, and how old were you for your first role?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: I was probably 10 years old. My first professional role was at 17 or 18 years old. I guess I started acting really young. I was in 4th grade!

Galen Gering: I started at 17 years old. I started studying, and then went around the world traveling as a model. And then I went to the University. While I was in school, I studied filmmaking and screenwriting. "Passions" was my first prime-time role. I did some pilots, some commercials - popular ones like small movies.

cannarysinger: How did you both get started in acting? Do either of you have any formal training?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: I started at HB Studio in New York, and Strassberg Institute.

Galen Gering: I studied with people who had adapted their methods from Meisner and Strassberg, but I never studied at an institute per se.

sallymae: How did you get your parts on "Passions?"

Galen Gering: Everyone had to go through an audition process, like a normal casting. Then there was screen testing.

Eva Tamargo Lemus: I went through the same process. They auditioned people, and then decided whom they wanted on the screen test. If you weren't from LA, they flew you out here.

danwit10: Will Luis and Sheridan ever get together?

Galen Gering: Will they get together? It's hard to say. At this point, there is a lot of tension between them. One never knows. I hope so!

theatrefan: Eva, you have appeared on stage, TV, and in films. Which is your favorite medium to work in?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: Yes, I have appeared in all three. My favorite medium is probably live theater. You have instant gratification and results. And, I've done many Spanish soaps, so I'm not new to the soap world.

TiffanyUT2000: Galen, will Luis find out soon about Sheridan's nightmares and the fact that she possibly murdered his father?

Galen Gering: Yeah. He's going to find out something; that's for sure.

kitty_lisch: How long before me find out what happened to Pilar's husband?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: We don't know. It's pretty much typical of the soap opera's to take the story lines slowly. I don't think they've ever rushed anything. They believe in creating momentum.

passionsfan: Galen, how often do you work out?

Galen Gering: It depends. I usually work out about once or twice a week. I just came from the gym. It's hard when you've got lines to memorize. If I go to the gym, it takes away time. I've got to make more time instead of being lazy and making excuses.

Eva Tamargo Lemus: I work out every day!

Luislover: Eva, I heard that you were in the movie, "Random Hearts." I don't remember seeing you. What part did you play?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: The part was cut. I had a whole bunch of scenes with Harrison Ford. I knew the part had been cut when I shot the movie. I played the owner of a hotel where he comes to do some investigating.

tweetylopez: Galen, when is your birthday?

Galen Gering: My birthday is February 13th, the day before Valentines Day! It's kind of funny because whenever I have my birthday and I have a girlfriend, I worry about what to get her for Valentine's Day! It doesn't work out well! Sometimes it causes trouble because you kind of wait till the last minute. On my birthday is when I should be shopping. And on Valentine's Day, I'm usually empty-handed, which doesn't go over well with my lady friends!

cheryl: What is it like working on a brand new soap opera, especially one that replaced such a popular one?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: Which popular one? LOL

Galen Gering: It's awesome! I don't think we really think about the press. We just try to do the best stuff we can. It's fantastic! And so are the people that I work with everyday, including the writers and producers. I'm very fortunate.

Eva Tamargo Lemus: Creating a new show is great on every level. I don't think you go in with a worried mind. It's more exciting and hopeful!

FlowerBabe23: I'd like to ask another question. What is it like playing Luis and Pilar on "Passions?"

Eva Tamargo Lemus: For me it's kind of a challenge because its' not like most characters I've ever played. I didn't know I was going to be able to pull it off. I drew a lot of research from my mom. It's actually been more of a challenge than I thought it was going to be, which is good.

Galen Gering: It's a lot of fun. For that matter, any role, on any show, is going to pose interesting questions and difficulties. One of the great things about this soap opera is that, because our characters are new, we're growing and finding our places in the show. It's a fantastic opportunity. Most of the soap operas on the air already have characters that have been established for years. Sometimes they bring in new people to play them. In a way, we're pioneers in a new type of daytime television, being we have eclectic elements, including the supernatural and an interracial mix of characters. We're kind of like the melting pot of daytime television, per se.

Luislover: This question is for Galen. Hi! My name is Emily, and I enjoy watching "Passions" everyday, especially scenes with Luis and Sheridan. Do you enjoy playing such a hothead? And are you anything like that in real life?

Galen Gering: It's fun! But I certainly don't want my character to continue to be seen that way. I think there are other facets to him. And no, I'm not at all like him in that way. Am I?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: I can attest to that. He's not a hothead! He's just plain hot!

NBCSoapFan: Who is your mentor/role model/hero?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: For me, it's my dad. As far as an actor, I could never say just one. It's been a combination of a few of them. On top of the list, it would have to be De Niro, followed by Spacey. I could go on for days. There's William Hurt, and an actor that has been so underrated in my eyes, Jeff Bridges.

Galen Gering: He was hilarious in "The Big Lebowski!" I would have to say that my parents. I think I try and take certain elements from both of them, and how I can be supported from both of them. As far as having TV idols, or matinee idols, I appreciate a lot of actors. But I can't say I want to be like any actor. I think it would be unfair for me to name names because there are a tremendous amount of amazing actors. I think we're in a position now being celebrities, or on our way to growing popularity, where we can sort of make a difference in the world. And I think all those in that position that choose to give something back are my heroes. I admire people who make a difference, and who aren't all wrapped up in themselves. I'm very fortunate and lucky to be where I am. Others aren't so fortunate. I'm trying to share that.

queenfoxie: Who is your closest friend on the show Galen?

Galen Gering: I guess I'm close to a lot of people on the show. It's funny. By nature you're going to be close to the people who your story lines are with because you work with them all the time. But it's kind of like camp, in that the girls' kind of stay in their own camp, and the guys stay in their own. You socialize a lot. Dalton James, James Hyde, Jesse Metcalfe, Travis Schuldt, and Ben Masters are people that I have story lines with, and all our dressing rooms are right next to each other.

Peach_passion: Eva, when is your birthday?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: Christmas Eve! 1980! I want to get this exciting! Ask some racy questions! Come on! This is Daytime, you know! It IS called Passions!

passionsfan: Hey Galen and Eva! I would like to know how long it takes to prepare for a show, including makeup, clothes, etc.?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: It takes two hours to finish makeup and clothes.

Galen Gering: It takes me half an hour.

Eva Tamargo Lemus: So that's the raciest question you can come up with?

goddess: Galen, I hear you also like to write, and that you've just recently graduated. Are you excited to now have a degree?

Galen Gering: Well, yes! As far as timing, it worked out perfectly for me. The day I graduated, I flew out here and started working on "Passions" the very next day. I guess you'd have to call it fate! I got my degree in film making and creative writing. I graduated at the top of my class with honors.

CheesyPoofs: Do you know when the softball game against Days of Our Lives is going to be, if at all?

Galen Gering: It will be in the spring.

Eva Tamargo Lemus: I'm playing shortstop.

Galen Gering: No! I'm playing shortstop! I'm playing third base then, since you won't let me play shortstop!

Eva Tamargo Lemus: Mom's the boss!

Galen Gering: :-)

CBAnyone: What do you think about the effort of the show to include a multiethnic cast?

Galen Gering: Obviously, with both of us being Hispanic, we appreciate it.

Eva Tamargo Lemus: I think it's commendable too. The Latin market is really big now. Sometimes when you see a Latin character in a show, they're not part of the main story line. And, I'm talking about every medium, including film. It's nice that NBC has 'gotten with it', so to speak.

Fionnula: What do you think of all the hocus-pocus on the show?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: I think that we've mentioned before that it's something that's never really been done on a daytime soap opera. I think it's great and refreshing. And whether you hate it or like it, it opens up a lot of discussion, which is nice.

Galen Gering: It's the strong point of our show. Obviously, people have responded to it. It's neat, and I think people have a lot of questions in this age of answers and information. It sort of revitalizes a sense of wonder and doubt, and people find that intriguing.

justinebates: Do either of you have any plans for work outside of "Passions?"

Eva Tamargo Lemus: Absolutely! I don't have the time right now to do anything else. Somewhere down the line, yes. I'm a mom, and I have 2 small children, and that keeps me busy.

Galen Gering: Yeah. First and foremost, my loyalty is to the show, which is great. It's really hard to say. It's so weird just being here at all. I think it's difficult to have those expectations. The show is my priority, and doing the best job I can do. We'll see what happens.

joyinva: Galen, did you ever get your email up and running?

Galen Gering: My email? Yeah, I did. As far as a website, I'm in the process of doing that. You can reach us online at

actorwannabe: If you could play any role ever written, what would be your dream role?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: Any that have ever been done? That's a tough question. When you follow in someone else's footsteps, you don't get a clean start in it. They're always going to judge you by who did it the last time.

Galen Gering: Luis Lopez Fitzgerald on "Passions." ;-) I'm pretty happy where I'm at right now. I'm learning and stuff.

Fionnula: Do you tease each other about all the towel scenes?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: I don't have any towel scenes! Would you like to write in and mention that I get one?

Galen Gering: They're fun! I think the only people who have had towel scenes are Travis and myself. We were really teasing Travis when he had to drop his towel! LOL Just kidding! We try and tease each other about anything and everything.

LuvPassions: Eva and Galen, what's one of your funniest moments on the set? BTW, you guys are awesome! =)

Eva Tamargo Lemus: Thank you for that compliment! Actually, I just had one yesterday. I did a scene with my NBC ID badge on and they said, "Cut! And do that again!" I forgot to take my badge off!

Galen Gering: That's great! LOL!

Eva Tamargo Lemus: Galen's never funny, He's too busy being mad, and being a hothead! LOL!

Galen Gering: I guess, sometimes, it's kind of hard to explain. You know when you get the giggles? Sometimes at the end of a long day, the smallest, tiniest things become the funniest things you've ever heard! We have good times here. We work hard, and have a great time!

Sloppy1: It must be exciting for a new soap to already have so many awards. I see the Soap Opera Digest online, or something, already gave "Passions" so many awards. And with the daytime awards coming next year, how do you deal with all the pressure of being a freshman in daytime?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: What pressures? Like I said before, do the best you can as an actor. The craft is more important than being nominated, which is really the icing on the cake. It's nice to have accolades from your peers, but it's not the goal.

Galen Gering: We really are enjoying ourselves in what we do. We don't start the day saying, "Oh my God! We work hard!"

lostandconfused: What do both of you like to do in your spare time?

Galen Gering: Get out and go to the mountains, or to the beach. At this time of year, I like to go snowboarding. I like to go see a good band, or a good movie.

Eva Tamargo Lemus: Ditto for me! I like to spend time with my kids too! When you work the amount of hours that we do, you really appreciate your time off a lot more!

Galen Gering: You make it sound like we're in jail! LOL!

Eva Tamargo Lemus: You learn how to budget your time better too!

nannybobs: Do either of you have any special plans for the up coming millennium?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: I just hope that I'm awake to see it!

Galen Gering: I'm going to Colorado for Christmas, and then to Santa Fe for New Years.

mouse: I want to commend you both on your acting skills! Do you have any suggestions that can help me to be a better actor?

Galen Gering: Watch people. People and life, they're the most natural things. People are constantly acting life. The most interesting moments are when people are acting naturally.

Eva Tamargo Lemus: When you work on yourself a lot, it definitely helps your craft. I think the older you get, the better you get. You go through things in life; you bring the experience to work.

MLE101: What characteristics, of both of your characters, do you wish you had the most?

Galen Gering: Certainly not my bank account! My badge! I think that at times, my character's sense of integrity is very amazing. He's very brave. And the sense of family; I love children! There's this very strong loyalty, and it's pretty awesome.

Eva Tamargo Lemus: You love children? I admire Pilar's devotion and patience. It's amazing how strong this woman is. When people ask me how Pilar can not give up on her husband returning, I always say that when you have that amount faith and strength, it's difficult to knock someone down from that 'pillar'.

harleyowner: Is there an address we can send fan mail to?

Galen Gering: Yes! 4024 Radford Avenue; Studio City, California 91604 Be sure to put the character's name, or the real persons name, that you want it to go to at "Passions." We each respond to our fan mail. We read it all, and enjoy it! So keep it coming!

NBCLive: Looks like we are out of time for today. Thank you Galen and Eva for joining us. Do you have any last words for audience?

Eva Tamargo Lemus: Thanks for watching "Passions," and we hope that we entertain you for many, many years to come! And I hope I won't look old and gray. The makeup department will take care of that for me!

Galen Gering: I'd like to wish everyone my sincere thanks for tuning into the chat and the show. There's a lot of great stuff coming up. You'll see story lines really starting to progress for the millennium. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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