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Our Emily

We love that child, so precious, so dear, we feel the tears that blessed the child's soul.
We love the laughter that her joy brings, we fear the fear that her nights bring.

You were born out of love that turned to so much pain, trusted you did in a heart that gave way.
Broken you feel in every way, we know the feeling, we were there that day.
We all felt the loss, as they took you away, but together we'll think of each other, each day.

Kindred spirits are we all cut from the same cloth, tested our grief, pain, anguish and tears.
We are trapped hearts, like birds in a cage, someday we'll fly free to soar to the trees.
We'll all come along, so we can play too, we'll dance on the clouds, and fly through the stars.
Until that day comes we won't be very far, we're in your heart and you'll be in all ours.


How can a Grandmother have more rights, than a Father?(MICHIGAN)
Email us if you can answer the above question.

Helpful Links

Children's Rights Council
Advocates for Children's Protection
Divorce Dads are not Dead
Information on Michigan Custody Laws, & help for where to find more information.
Child Custody Support Message Boards meet families in the same custody, and abuse situations.
PREVENT CHILD ABUSE -- Michigan Chapter-Deborah Strong
National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse
Parenting and child abuse, call 1-800-394-3366
(parents under stress), call Parents Anonymous 1-800-421-0353
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