Sound Clips
Everyone who knows me and knows what I do and has seen my song lyrics often ask me: "When am I going to get to hear you sing?" and for the longest time, there was no way to hear me sing, unless you have been in a chat room that I  just happened to be in and you heard me there. Well, incase you don't chat, now you can come here and listen.

These sound clips are of me singing other atists' songs. I also have sound clips of me singing my own stuff, it's just my songs don't have any music just yet. But hey, the importan thing is that you can now listen to how I sing.

Anyhoo... Here are some sound clips for you to listen to. I hope you're not too disappointed. (hehehe)

The clips that are highlighted in BABY BLUE are clips of songs that I have written. Clips highlighted in WHITE are clips of other artists' songs.
For You
Take It On The Run
Keep On Loving You
Let Love Lead The Way
Can't Fight This Feeling
Lay Your Love On Me
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