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Name: Heather Brogdon

Birthday: October 19th (1982 - incase you want to keep track of my age)

Location: Illinois (USA)

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Writing songs, Writing poetry, Web designing, Being artistic and creative.

Favorite Color(s): Royal Purple, Royal Blue, Pink, White, Baby Blue, Turquoise.

Favorite Food(s): Chinese, Mexican...I love health foods though really.

Favorite Sport(s): Football(soccer to the Americans lol) Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Rollerblading.

Pastime: I babysit when I'm not singing, dancing, or writing.

Goal/Dream: To be successful. I'm working on my singing career as well as working on a way to meet the Spice Girls and/or Emma Bunton.

Philosophy: If you fall once, pick yourself up and try again....If you fall twice, pick yourself up and try again but try harder....If you fall 3 times, Pick yourself up and try to figure out what is making you fall and then go from there.....Achieving is believing, Believing is the key to Achieving - always believe in yourself and you shall achieve what ever you want to achieve.
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