This is certainly not a medical site, it is simply one family's struggle with PCOS.

This page is intended to help others suffering from PCOS, to find the courage and strength to talk about the disease, so that people will learn more about it and understand it. I began the site when I first learned I had PCOS and was trying to get pregnant. When I startede I was unable to conceive, and now 3 years later here I am 2 kids later thanks to an attentive doctor. Even though it seems like I may not be struggling with PCOS currently, it is a struggle I will face all my fertile life. I think I will buy stock in Rogaine for women!

I am working on my links, but so far here's what i've got.

What is it? - A medical site description of PCOS

My Story - A brief synopsis of my experiences

My Journal - Find all the current gossip on my prognosis  *

PCOS Links - Pages that I find helpful

My Boys!

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