Last Updated: Nov 17, 2006 2:11 PM

What's happened to the site? Basically, I could no longer afford to pay for hosting for this site and the other one I own. As a result the site reverted to it's 2004 version which is hosted on geocities. I'll try and upload the most recent version to geocities soon. If you are interested in reading new content on this site let me know via the site updates part of the message board. I had previously decided to close this site but it seems there are still some people out there who are interested.

3rd May

Have added all the character files for Aliens.

18th April

I found a funky little shop just off Carnaby street the other day. It sold all sort of toys and novelty items with the majority of them being from Japan. There were a whole section of toys made by a firm called Kubrick and the idea is that you buy the toy (£5) but you have no idea which figure from the range you will get. Anyway, there is an Alien series with 5 different figures to collect. There is a 21% chance of getting Dallas, Lambert or Kane and a 29% chance of getting a chestburster. The rarest figure in the range is Ripley with only an 8% chance of getting her. Anyway, I got Dallas and you can see a picture of the figure below.

2nd March

Someone pointed out that I should have some information on the characters from the films. I used to have this for all the characters but it got lost in one of the site changes. I have salvaged the Alien cast and you can get the info through The Films->Alien->Characters. The other films will be updated soon. If you have any comments about the characters or want to write your opinion of them - mail it to me and I will put it on the correct page.

10th February

I went looking for news on AVP and I think you should check out where this week there is a feature with the visual effects guy for the film.

3rd February 2004

Added the links page but still trying to find a topic for my poll.

28th January 2004

I have resurrected the model section, adding a few pictures of my Narcissus model too. Next on the list is a web poll and a links page (I used to have one but it seems to have dissapeared.

25th January 2004

A brand new look for the site which I should be able to stick with for a while. Have cleared a load of web space so should be able to put some decent stuff up when I figure out what to use it for. Anyway, the Battlestar Gallactica promotion is over so I can get rid of the banners and I think I will bring the web poll back.

I am going to Sci-fi London 3 this coming weekend and hope that those of you in the UK will lend your support. I will be at the Anime all-nighter for starters. I will get on the case and get some AVP news for you all this week - took me a while to get the site updated and uploaded (no models section yet) that still needs work.

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