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Certain rumors have been circulating regarding my connection with Warner Bros. in relation to LOGAN'S RUN and I wish to set the record straight.

First of all, having sold all film and television rights to the novel, neither I nor George Clayton Johnson have a "say" in what Warner Bros. will or will not do with the upcoming film remake. We are not writing the script nor have we been consulted on any aspect of the project. I have never contacted, nor have a talked to, producer Joel Silver. Several months ago I did have a meeting with Skip Woods, who (as has been published in the Hollywood trade papers) verified that he had been hired to write and direct the film. He had not, at that point, begun the screenplay and I do not know if he has written one since our meeting.

I am regularly asked when the remake will be released. I have absolutely no way of knowing this. My estimate is that it won't be showing in theaters for at least another two years, but we shall have to wait and see. No cast has been announced nor (so far as I know) has a production schedule been set up. I am not privy to the decisions made by Warner's or Joel Silver, so this is all pure guesswork on my part.

Now, as to the rumor that Paul Camuso and I have been profiting from a "marketing deal" between us and Warner Bros,. this is totally false. My only contact with Paul Camuso relates to some material I have written for his Logan's projected Logan website. We are not in any way linked together in a business agreement with Warner Bros., or with anyone else.

William F. Nolan

West Hills, California

March 15, 2001

An Open Letter to All Logan Fans from William F. Nolan

I would like to correct some false information of concern to me that has surfaced on some of the Logan sites recently:

Error: To the effect that George Clayton Johnson and I ripped off the book and film industry by "hacking out" Loganís Run in three weeks at a Howard Johnsonís, and that I needed the money to help one of my kids get to college.

Correction: Loganís Run was written in a motel along the Pacific Coast in Malibu in the fall of 1965, carefully developed from notes that Johnson and I had been making for over a year. Yes, the first draft was written in three weeks, but then it was re-written, revised and polished later in San Francisco. It was anything but a "hack" job. In fact, I consider it my finest novel, and Iím very proud of it. I did not write it just for money (Although, naturally, I hoped - as did George - to make money from it.) Lastly, I have no children.

For now, I hope this sets the record straight.

Best to all of you. Logan Lives!

William F. Nolan - October 20, 2000

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