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Not sure in this case, but here is the remark: You must be 18 or over to view this text. This text contains info pertaining to activities that in some cases are considered illegal, though this text does not promote or condone such and should be considered for info purposes only.

First, a little explanation is in order. I encountered Logan's Run LONG before I read the following preface and book which it comes from. Logan's Run was another one of the many Sci-Fi movies I was exposed to growing up. By no means did Logan's Run have any influence on what I thought of the book. Actually, at the time I was reading this book, I hardly cared about the preface.

Also, the following book (which by the way, had Chris Conrad as one of its editors) was one of the first, and foremost books to come forth with historical and scientific evidence to prove its topic. It has been reprinted multiple times since the edition mentioned below. And, while I still respect this book and find the information very informative and fairly accurate, I would recommend other books first (such as some of the works by Chris Conrad) due to some of the shock value writing style at some places in it.

The George Clayton Johnson Preface to the 1990 edition of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, The Authoritive Historical Record of the Cannabis Plant, Marijuana Prohibition, & How Hemp Can Still Save the World by Jack Herer.


By George Clayton Johnson Author of eight Twilight Zone episodes, Twilight Zone (The Movie), Logan's Run (book and movie), Star Trek, Oceans Eleven, Kung Fu, etc.

February 22, 1990

"Jack Herer has done it.

"With incredible precision, backed by voluminous research, he has placed his finger on the point where all of the trends that threaten to overwhelm the world come together. And at the core of these complexities, he has found HEMP.

"The premise of Jack Herer’s book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, is fanciful in the extreme: That the diverse properties of the scorned and condemned marijuana plant could provide sufficient clothing, oil, medicine, fuel, food, and shelter for all the peoples of the world, if completely legalized and commercialized; and that hemp might prove to be the means of saving the planet (us) from acid rain, global warming and the depletion of our precious forests and fossil fuels.

"Further – that the dangers of marijuana smoke pale before the many advantages that are potential in the free commerce in hemp and its byproducts.

"Now that Jack has pointed out these facts to a changing world searching for truth – the people, of course, will quickly set things right by renouncing the 1961 Single Convention Treaty on drugs and marijuana, and tooling up to produce a wealth of quality, ecologically sound goods for an upwardly mobile society.

"As a science fiction writer, this view of an altered world of clean skies and lush forests, filled with freedom-loving people living in hemp houses, driving their hemp-fueled cars down hemp-lined freeways, dressed in their hemp finery, eating their hemp tofu salad is very appealing to me.

"Jack makes a very good case for it being possible. And in my reading his informative book I find that I am charmed.

"George Clayton Johnson 1990

The following book list can be found on the Substance Use and Abuse Paper on this site. This paper can tell you much that you might want to know about cannabis use.

Selected Book List

Marijuana Myths Marijuana Facts: A Review of the Scientific Evidence. Lynn Zimer, Ph.D. and John P. Morgan, M.D. An academic, scholarly written book on a divisive subject. Much overlooked science, with extensive amounts of source references. Subjects covered include marijuana and a history of the science over it, medicinal aspects, so-called gateway theory, civil law, Dutch policy, motivation and performance, memory and cognition, psychology, crime, sex hormones, immune system, lungs, reactions in the body, highway safety, potency, politics and policy, among others.

Hemp, Lifeline to the Future. Chris Conrad. This is an extensive book on the economic and historic side of things, though it covers other aspects also. Though caution is warranted in some places, this book is well worth looking into when considering the issue.

Marijuana Medical Handbook: A Guide to Therapeutic Use. Ed Rosenthal, Dale Gieringer & Tod Mikuriya, M.D.

Marijuana Law: Second Edition. Richard Glen Boire. Copyright 1992, Second Edition, 1996. Written by a criminal defense attorney, this book covers detailed laws, questions, answers, and individual cases. Regardless of the book's topic, this book teaches one about one's supposed rights. Though laws can change in countries, the wide range of examples helps to make people aware of the good and the bad, how far and strategic things can sometimes go for both anti-marijuana and pro-marijuana people. Also covers drug testing questions and answers concerning both employer and employee, including reliability and unreliability that is a concern for both anti-marihuana and pro-marijuana people. If only Christians would throw aside vain conspiracy interests and look at some of the real dangers to human privacy and liberty right in front of us. Surely ill practiced Christianity has helped in bringing on some of its own growing problems. Better for it to take a late stand than to not stand up at all. Also, very recommended is Shattered Lives: Portraits from America's Drug War, by Mikki Norris, Chris Conrad, and Virginia Resner.

A Primer of Drug Action: a Concise, Non-technical guide to the Actions, Uses, and Side Effects of Psychoactive Drugs: Eighth Edition. Robert M. Julien, M.D., Ph.D. Covers in detail (non-technical?!) prescription only drugs through street drugs. Recommended, and comes close in some ways to the middle position in this paper above on cannabis.

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