Here is Jac, one of our Guiders, being extremely silly during our recent Camp Preparation Day.
Jac is the Guider in charge of our unit website, and has put some silly photos of everybody else on the Photo Gallery page, so this is payback time!  Unfortunately, Jac is leaving the unit soon, and we wish her all the best at her new farm, and I hope that she will bring Andrew, her baby, to see us sometimes!

What IS she doing?
This was taken during my first camp as a Young Leader, in August 1998 at Jill's family farm.  Again, a photo of Jac, this time with one of our Guides.  We hope that although Jac is leaving the unit, she will still come back and visit us for special occasions, like camp!

Jac, in the kitchen!
This was also taken at Camp 98, this time in the kitchen tent.  As our 'resident' QM, Jac is responsible for all the cooking when we're on camp, and it should be natural to her - she's a chef! 

Morna, doing Knotters Stage 1!
Another photo from Camp 98, this time Morna, our Guider-In-Charge getting some of the Guides through their Knotters Stage 1 badge (or are they testing her......?).

If you are wondering what all the photos of Jac are for, visit the Photo Gallery on the 1st Duns Guides page.......I think this might be what is called a photo war!


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