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Big Photo Alamo

This picture of the Alamo was taken sometime in the late 19th century. All that we know is that it is old because of the building on the side. On the back of the picture is a company called W.F.Crothers & Co. (Kodak's, bicycles and supplies.) 214 E. Houston St. S.A. Tex. Click on the links and see the photo.

West Texas Military Academy was founded in
San Antonio, Texas, in 1893.

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..West Texas Military Academy Tutorial..

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..This is another picture of the West Texas Military Academy school..

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..West Texas Military Academy school ballteam..

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..Cowboys At Play..

All of the pictures of the West Texas Military Academy were taken some time around the (1900's).

..Some History About The Summer Of 1900's..

Space Trip

The Battle Of San Jacinto

Davy crockett
Buffalo Bill Cody in 1903

Sam Houston 1. Sam HoustonSam Houston Sam Houston 2.

Stephen F. Austin
Stephen F. Austin

..Three-legged Willie History and Genealogy of Williamson County, Texas..

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...A List Of All The Governors Of Texas...

Recipes From A Book Dated 1879

..Roast Pig..
..Roast Chicken..
..Smoked Beef..
..How To Destroy Bedbugs..

(The Civil War)
Greatest war in American history. 3 million fought - 600,000 died. It was the only war fought on American soil by Americans, and for that reason we have always been fascinated with The Civil War.


"The Yellow Rose of Texas" is a song still popular today that was first published in 1858 by Pond & Co. of New York for the black-faced minstrel shows. It became a favorite rallying and marching song of the Confederate soldiers; in particular, for General John Hood's "Texas Brigade."

Some History About New Caney, Texas

PRCA Rodeo, and its History

Wells Fargo

The Texas Ranger

the Benevolent Order of Armadillos

...How Three cigar change History...

Dennis Franz

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