Hi! Welcome to my home !

I want to tell you a little about myself and what you will be able to expect from my home page. I am married and have three wonderful children and four really wonderful grandchildren. As time goes on I will be letting you meet them through pictures and stories. I also have five dogs. I know that might seem like a lot but we do live in the country and have lots of room. We have Boston Terriers, Black Lab mix,and a Rottie.

You will find pictures and little stories from there eyes on following pages. Please come back and see the changes that I make to my page often as I work on it every day I can. If you like looking at a little history of Texas you might enjoy the page that I have made on the Alamo. It does not have a lot of facts but it does have some old pictures. I have add some old recipes from a old cook book that I found. I will be putting them in straight from the book. We enjoy looking at them and even thought about trying a few ourselves. Thanks for stopping by.

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