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Celtic Symbols and what they stand for page 1
Here are a few Celtic and Irish symbols. Here you can find the meaning of these symbols.
The colorful tail of the peacock stands for the rays of the sun. But the peacock itself stands for immortality
The hound of Cuchulainn.
Cuchulainn was a great hero in Ireland and a guardian of the land. His hound had the task to defend the people and their territory.
The hound therefore represents steadfastness to goals.
The Claddagh Ring was designed in the middle of the 17 th century in the Irish fishermansvillage Claddagh. This ring was given as a token of love by the fisherman to his wife. The hands stand for friendship, the heart for love and the crown for fidelity.
The ring is often passed on from mother to daughter. This ring can also be worn as a wedding ring and is still being worn today by people all over the world.

The Celtic harp has three preferences:
"laughing, tears and sleep"

Harpmusic can sound happy or sad. Also relaxing and sereen.

The Celtic harp also stands
for immortality of the soul.
The harp is an official national Irish symbol, but in other Celtic countries the bagpipe takes an important place into daily life.

A nice little example of Celtic knotwork in a square shape.The meaning remains the same as the circle: Eternity.
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