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Visit Ann Gallagher's Website for more information about her Irish Dance Group. Click on the link below, The photo of Ann and her Celtic Border Dancers above was taken at The Irish Folk Festival 2001
The Celtic Border Dancers
Many Irish children start taking lessons in Irish dancing when they are about four years old. Some dance for the fun of it, but it's also possible to enter the "feis" (pronounced as "fesh"). The feis are dance competitions or championships. There are two sorts of Irish dancing.The first one is recreational, less strict in the finishing touches in footwork. The Irish dancing shows you see on television (as Lord of the Dance and River Dance) is from the An Coimisúin method (an Irish dancing commission).This style is strictly co-ordinated in the whole presentation: footwork, costume and graciousness of the Irish dancer.
This information was given to me by the Irish dancing teacher and former European Irish dance champion
For further information about Mrs. Gallagher  and the Celtic Border Dancers go and visit her website
The Adult Group, with Mrs. Gallagher front second to the right.
The Junior Group
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