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Irish and Celtic music and art has fascinated millions of people worldwide throughout the centuries. I am one of them. Even though I'm not Irish I would like to share my love of the Irish music and art with you I have permission to use the work of Mr.Courtney Davis for certain parts of my website.
Permission is given to me by the artist himself.

So, if you find his drawings and paintings beautiful, and want to use them , I strongly advise you to visit Courtney Davis' website and ask him for permission first !

You can find a link to his website below in the linkssection.

Celtic and Irish symbols and what they stand for page 1
The photo above is taken from the book:
"The Celtic Art Source Book" written by Courtney Davis.

"Mr Davis is the artist and owner of this work. He gave me his kind permission to use this photo."

(creator of this website)

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Celtic and Irish symbols and what they stand for page 2
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Celtic Cross  with Celtic  knotwork motif   standing for eternity.
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