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        I was born in Nebraska in 1974. My family traveled across North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming for several years. When I was 2 or 3 years old my family settled in a small community in Wyoming.

My first school was called Poison Spider School.

Kewl  mascot!!

       In 1984 we moved into the middle of the great Oklahoma farm lands.   In high school I was involved in every activity that I showed the least bit of talent for including band, track, cross country, and spring board/platform diving.


       My diving coach sparked my interest in the Military Academies. After researching what a military officer was supposed to be/represent, I decided it was what I had been looking for to satisfy my need for honor, purpose, and structure.


       I started my plebe summer July 2, 1992. I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the United States Naval Academy in the spring of 1996. It is a beautiful campus to visit if you ever get to Maryland. http://www.nadn.navy.mil After much heart ache and struggle, I was declared medically unfit for commissioning. A month after graduation and the commissioning ceremony for my classmates, my mother passed away. In 1997 I received my official discharged from the military.


       In 1996 I started work as a programmer for a government contractor.  That company does hardware and software development and deployment for the Global Weather Systems for the Air Force.  In 1997 I moved to the Tulsa Oklahoma area and started working for WorldCom.  After the MCI merger in 1998, the combined company is second only to AT&T in the telecommunications industry.  In of August 2000, I took my first contracting job with Williams Communication.   In June of 2001, I moved to Austin, Texas and started on contract with the Texas Education Agency.

       The greatest loves of my life right now are my horses.  My older mare is a registered Appaloosa: "Feathers Demon". In 1998, I spent a year training and showing her in English riding competitions.  In 1999 we spent a lot of time learning Team Penning.  Feather was bred to the Appaloosa Racing Stallion We Go Dixie, in July of 1999. "Honey" was born June 4, 2000. She is a beautiful snowflake chestnut. 

I am now working in New Orleans on a huge HR implementation of PeopleSoft. I fly back Austin and Dallas once a month to work with foundered horses. My own horses are staying in Dallas for now due to the fact that almost everything around New Orleans is swamp land.

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