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Hello, I'm Pringle, Penny Pringle- from the Bureau Secret Service. How is everyone today? I had been on the RMS Titanic as an agent, and I am here to tell about my stories, my interests and my friends. Feel free to grab a carbonated refreshment...this could take a while!
My associate on the Titanic was Frank Carlson. He was a bit strange, but in the end he came through for me and the mission. What was the mission? I will get to that story later...
Anyway, here I am now in the year 2000, barely hanging on. I feel like I left the Titanic only yesterday. What a horrible tragedy. With proper guidance, it would have never happened. The incompetence, the idiots! But I am not not going to get into that either. What I am going to get into is what's going on in this highly tech-evolved world of ours and how I am dealing with it.
I love to play chess online! I'm not very great at it right now, but it is fascinating! So, without further ado...
My Pages
The Mission of Titanic
The Thing About that Book
Penny's Fan-Fic
My Links
My Friends
By the way, these pages may or may not be set up yet. But that's one of the great things about Geocities, hm? No offense!

That's all for now. This is Penny Pringle, signing out.

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