Healing Systemic Toxicity; & Correcting Cancer Or CFS/MCS Promoting Diets

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Also see Cancer Remission

A correspondent writes:
Hi everyone. I have had CFS for 7 years.

Hi Xxxx,

Suggest using required adjunct therapies to clean up a possible toxic or inflammatory bowel situation, common with people who have CFS and/or MCS, and perhaps any related brain fog symptoms typically arising from systemic toxicity (often confused with ADD but toxicity based).

Consider possible leaky gut. Leaky gut syndrome is the name given to a very common health disorder in which the basic organic defect (lesion) is an intestinal lining which is more permeable (porous) than normal. This can be verified by special gut permeability urine tests, microscopic examination of the lining of the intestinal wall as well as the bloodstream with phase contrast or darkfield microscopy of living whole blood. See http://www.genovadiagnostics.com/index.php?option=com_gpanel&Itemid=2&nav=test Establish probiotic bacteria in the GI tract for some months, using an enteric coated probiotic supplement Primadophilus Reuteri. Correct probable candida yeast overgrowth using Candaid from www.healthandherbs.co.nz, for a few months. See this warning about treatment using c-silver, if it lasts longer than 1 or 2 weeks, http://www.rosemaryjacobs.com/rose1.html. Begin to take Allimax garlic capsules with specially formulated allicin extract. Garlic's antiseptic/antifungal activity is very helpful and works throughout the whole body. Taheebo tea may also be of some help.

See http://www.CandidaFree.net. Others have recommended treatment using : colostrum, flaxseed oil pearles, and aloe vera - (flaxseed oil and aloe vera are not always tolerated well, but colostrum is well recommended).

Something to look at too are potential immune boosters. To clean up necrotic tissues requires the white blood cells (which includes "phages") to remove dead tissue resulting from treatment, no matter what that therapy is (or where applicable to act on cancer cells). Mushroom tea, using medicinal mushrooms - AB Agaricus Brasiliensis (request powder form) or Shiitake, has gained a large following, with considerable research to support their immune boosting capabilities. My own experience indicates that AB tea is one of those must read stories; particularly for any who are seriously unwell. To make the tea put one heaped teaspoon of AB powder (eg here http://abrazil.com/abm.htm) (request powder) in quarter of a cup of boiled water. After giving it a good stir with the teaspoon let it sit for 3-5 minutes before drinking. Have AB tea two or three times a day, on an empty stomach if possible. Also see Cancer Remission

For chronic bowel dysfunction (also typical of CFS/MCS) consider including a pancreatic+digestive enzyme supplement with large meals; having pancreatin+amylase+papain+etc. For chronic bowel dysfunction nutrients aren't adequately absorbed and this slows or hinders healing, since amino acids, minerals, & vitamins are less available -- even if vit+min supplements are taken. When having a light meal, it may be best to only use digestive enzymes, and not pancreatic enzymes, as pancreatic enzymes have been known to cause some upset for those with an already sensitive bowel - when taken on an empty stomach. Or cut a pancreatic enzyme tablet in half. (Additionally, over the age of 40 we have reducing enzyme production, so that the aging process gains a stronger hold on the body; enzyme supplementation greatly improves matters).

Minimise sugar intake to avoid feeding any toxic bowel fungi and flora (typically candida or ecoli 'overgrowth'--versus quite normal and acceptable levels of bowel candida and ecoli=see coliform in a dictionary). Again, correct probable candida yeast overgrowth using Candaid, from www.healthandherbs.co.nz for a few months. Replace sweets with other foods, such as a small quantity of raisins or banana chips.

A diet which includes adequate soluble fibre to ensure regular bowel function is a fundamental requirement. Sluggish bowel is common, and fibre exercises the bowel daily. When the bowel is functioning properly it assists the body to routinely detox. Typically include psyllium husk powder(health shop), or oat bran, along with other 'ok' ingredients in daily meals, and/or in home made bread. I include fibre with a home made muesli consisting of rice bubbles, sunflower seeds, and linseed(flaxseed), mixed together in a chinese cooking wok. Use enough fibre to ensure freedom from constipation. Include atleast three cups of water a day (distilled/filtered), preferably straight but atleast equivalent, or possibly mixed with dark red grape juice; besides normal beverages.

The Royal Prince Alfred RPA Allergy Unit in Sydney Australia put out a "Friendly Food - Avoiding Allergies, Additives, And Problem Chemicals" book which has relevance for those with food sensitivities/multiple chemical sensitivities(MCS); which often induce CFS. The book can be ordered through book shops. Systemic toxicity predisposes one to food sensitivities/MCS. Food chemicals can incrementally move a person up a staircase towards their threshold of reaction, where the individual reaction may be fatigue, headaches, or others more usually associated with allergic symptoms. The essence of the RPA-AU diet is to take time-out from all foods with strong flavours (vs mild flavours), so as to have a series of rest-days with associated relief from symptoms. One can plan times when a nice meal is desired, knowing that the next day or two must be low key while recovering on the RPA-AU diet. Those susceptible to migraines also appreciate such matters. Most MCS/CFS sufferers mention it is highly recommended to spend time working out a suitable diet, and RPA-AU's book helps to do that; again it can be ordered through your book shop.

Reduce red meat consumption, which is said to cause higher blood acidity - cancer is said to love an acidic body. (Monitor urine acidity daily with a pH meter, purchased online, or perhaps from a pharmacy, if possible). Replace large portions of meat in meals with chicken/salads/seafood,salmon/tiny portions of meat or days without meat/chemical-free homemade soups/etc. A note of caution, be sure not to eliminate essential vitamins and minerals out of your diet, such as B12(search the net); taking vitamin+mineral supplements ought to provide some assurance against this.

Often systemic toxicity leads to inflamed sinus airway membranes (see mast cells in your dictionary), and associated nerves. These nerves are tied closely to the brain and spinal cord, so that sleep disorder and fatigue results, besides usual neurological upset. A leading allergy specialist and MD has pointed out that the nasal airways are one of the first sites in the body to become inflamed when systemic problems exist. If spraying water into the nasal airways causes unusually sharp and unusually prolonged pain then you have discovered a prime source of excessive nerve stimulation which cause many with allergic tendencies to experience the symptoms commonly associated with CFS, brain fog, etc. (There is a last resort expensive surgical procedure for cutting nasal nerves, but it's immediate benefits only last a couple of years as the nerves regrow, so that it is better to fix the problem at it's source -- systemic toxicity). Also see this guide on causes of allergies http://www.allergyclinic.co.nz/guides/1.html

Ensure your home is as free of mold as possible; an environmental toxin. To reduce 'damp', which leads to the growth of mold in homes, consider having underfloor insulating foil fitted, along with plastic sheeting over the ground - under the house. Also, possibly have a filtered heat recovery ventilator system installed into the roof or basement of the home; for one example see http://www.dryair.co.nz/. These quietly pump clean air into the home, while extracting musty damp air. If there's a build up of mold throughout the home, if the home smells musty when returning to it, or if windows regularly have condensation on them, damp must be dealt with if improvement in CFS is desired; or moving to a mold free home becomes the next alternative. See this site http://www.dspinspections.com/moldin.htm. Search the net for discussion of Sick Building Syndrome. See this Energy Recovery Ventilator or ERV, and the Lennox products. Also see Fungus A Cause Of Chronic Sinusitis, http://www.mold-help.org/

Consider trying a largely dairy free diet, since casein sometimes contributes to problems, (this is thought by some to be common to people with allergic tendencies or compromised immune systems, [autistic people are particularly susceptible, but so are others]). See discussion of a2 beta casein milk here. See a whey based solution here http://www.alfafoods.co.nz/. Search the net for milk allergy sites, a couple of helpful sites include http://www.gfcfdiet.com/, http://www.allergyclinic.co.nz/guides/43.html. Consider using rice milk, or whey only milk if expense is a concern; soy or goats milk apparently aren't useful longterm substitutes, having their own complications. No cheese, cows milk, etc. Occasional indulgences ought not to hurt, especially when acidophilus/bifidus yoghurt is taken (eg homemade 'bio' yogurt such as Easiyo available at supermarkets/malls), or use "probiotic" capsules in place of a+b yoghurt if affordable. Again, be sure not to eliminate essential vitamins and minerals out of your diet, such as B12(search the net) or calcium; taking vitamin+mineral supplements ought to provide some assurance against this.

As an aside while talking about milk, some have suggested that growth hormones, used to increase cows milk production, may be a dietary factor increasing risk of cancer. Replacing cows milk in the diet has the added advantage of avoiding questions about added hormones in milk. Note that Alfalite substitute is produced from NZ dairy whey, and that the use of growth hormones is banned for NZ dairy farms.

Another recent report implicates dairy products , including milk, cheese, yoghurt, etc in breast cancer.

Another fluid touted as a possible supporter of immune function is aloe vera juice; made from 100% leaf gel. Many with chemical sensitivities don't handle aloe vera's slight acidity well, but it's well worth trialling a tablespoon each morning for a few days to find out if it's ok for you. We can reduce the acidity of the juice prior to consumption. Lifestream aloe vera juice has citric acid added to "stabilize the nutritionally active compounds", ie to extend it's storage life. The storage life of a small quantity of juice isn't so important if it will be consumed within about a week. The juice acid pH can be reduced by measuring 63ml (1/4 cup) into an amber pill bottle then stirring in about a quarter of a small teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda (cooking soda; adjust precise quantity until taste and acidity are neutral, though slightly salty), repeating stirring until all the CO2 froth dissipates. Alternatively perhaps mix it with alkalizing calcium from fossilized coral (or Tums antacid powdered with a pestle & mortar), but then only consume the mix when the amount of calcium is at an acceptable daily dose relative to other calcium consumed - so as not to create serious kidney stones, see this site http://www.cures4you.net/coralwhich.htm. Sips of juice may now be taken from this bottle (which is kept in the fridge too); replenishing once emptied. Watch for headaches and/or brain fog, or becoming quite rundown. Either reduce consumption to one or perhaps two sips each day or discontinue if it gets to be a problem. (Note that we must limit our use of Bicarb, as described above, or use another antacid, as there are health cautions to be observed if using too much) Also read up on glyco-nutrition on the net, which is about more expensive nutriceuticals derived from aloe vera. One site about glyco nutrition is http://www.glycoscience.com

One of the cheapest source of most supplements is http://www.vitacost.com/.

Consider trialling a gluten free diet for some months, ie no grains having gluten (no wheat, barley, etc). Gluten often inflames the bowel of those sensitive to it; also cf celiacs disease http://www.celiac.com/, and http://www.glutenfreemall.com/. Search your favourite online bookstore to locate numerous books on the subject "gluten free" or "gluten free bread"; and search the internet for other related resources. Breads (using a bread maker) or pancakes, made with rice and potato flour, mixed with a suitable amount of fibre such as powdered psyllium husk (health shop), are a useful alternative (mix enough fibre to totally prevent constipation from refined flours - which are bowel glue - eventually contributing to sluggish and/or toxic bowel). Potatoes and chips are another alternative staple carbohydrate (eg scrub a potato clean then microwave for ~8 minutes, slice, and add a little olive oil margarine).

Be aware that most sweets and many non-natural foods include gluten flour and casein/milk ingredients. Consider alternatives such as a small quantity of raisins or dried banana chips for a snack. It can be desirable to include a 1cm slice of fresh pineapple (not canned) after each meal, giving the double benefit of something nice during therapy, plus pineapple's added enzymes, desirable for health improvement; (pineapple can upset the GI tract of some people, caution is advised).

Include antioxidants if affordable, such as small quantities of raisins, vit c if tolerated ok, or enzogenol/pycnogenol. Expect some headaches during initial week, and again for a time with any later increase in dosage; reduce dosage if they persist.

Once you've settled into the above regimen for some months, perhaps consider trialling milk-thistle pearles for detoxing the liver, if handled ok short term.

See more about parasitic infections and available lab diagnostics here http://www.genovadiagnostics.com/index.php?option=com_gpanel&Itemid=2&task=view&nav=test&id=14 including Intestinal Permeability Assessment & Comprehensive Parasitology Profile. Perhaps also see http://www.genovadiagnostics.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=22&Itemid=. While a few emphasize one or two severe photographically depicted cases, other parasitologists mention that for those in western or developed nations the probability of being severely infested generally tends to be low, based on their regular observation of colonoscopies. For more common cases, check with your health shop/pharmacist for remedies, and check with your doctor about all the best options for achieving peace of mind, or a more certain health baseline. Some recommend a herbal formula known as Paramax, but it is said to be difficult to cleanse much more than just the colon with herbal approaches alone. We may need to treat for parasites that potentially can migrate throughout the body. While you're seeing your doctor, also ensure you're clear of diseases like lyme disease or hepatitis, which usually produce systemic toxicity and associated CFIDS like symptoms too.

For people who have a highly refined diet and believe they may have sluggish or toxic bowel (perhaps including polyps or diverticulosis), colonoscopic examination by a doctor, and Genova diagnostics, offer to reveal any serious conditions, eliminating guess work.

Remember it often typically took years to get into a chronic medical condition, so allow atleast months to progressively improve on the condition. Vary doses to remain within a comfortable level of progressive improvement. If something isn't tolerated well after a week of trialling it, then reduce or avoid that item, and keep on with the rest of the detox program.

You may also be interested in an unexpected (and nice) potential health food supplement ? Admittedly one has to be wary of letting their sugars cover our teeth all the time. We know food supplements aren't a panacea. They're simply a form of attempted preventative maintenance really, in a lifestyle otherwise filled with refined foods that are widely known to be lacking in essential nutrients, fibre, natural forms of phenols or antioxidants, etc.

" http://www.sphera.org/sundriedraisins.html
Phenolic compounds are powerful, protective antioxidants. They could be one of the reasons why fruits and vegetables are considered protective against heart disease and cancer. Sun-dried raisins are a good source of phenolics. Perhaps phenolics in grapes and their products may be one of the reasons for the French Paradox.
Remember, only a small quantity each day, so as to avoid too much sugar. Minimising sugar intake is thought to assist with reducing toxic bowel flora, or cancer growth, when done along with the above regimen. Alternatively, what I now more commonly have is a glass of dark red grape juice once or twice a day. This has less sugar in it than raisins while still having the grape red color associated with the observation "phenolics in grapes and their products may be one of the reasons for the French Paradox".

Also consider Rooibos tea, which has similar antioxidants, said to be 50% more effective than the widely promoted green tea antioxidants.

We know that any discussion of health issues can be incomplete without atleast touching on exercise. A simple form of in-home exercise is skip/jump rope, building up from 1 minute to 5 or 10 minutes, once or twice a day. An elliptical exerciser/cross-trainer can be preferable when affordable (search the net and online auctions like www.ebay.com for discussion of elliptical exercisers). Affordable hand weights of about 4kg can also be useful for arms/upper torso exercise, the form of which exercise isn't so important as much as a comfortable general workout is. The way the weights are used can be altered to suit our levels of comfort and interest as that develops over time. A two handled abs-wheel, cheap and available from most stores having exercise equipment, is sometimes used when we wish to firmly exercise the abdominal muscles, ie flabby abs - sometimes associated with middle age spread. It can be best to start of more comfortably with something like the skip/jump rope or elliptical cross-trainer though, so as to not over stress the heart and all those 'new muscles' we never knew we had.

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Also see Cancer Remission

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