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In search of the perfect baby name? I have found the following links which provide baby name information for parents:

  1. Includes Top Names for the year. You may search for names by gender. Key in name for its meaning.
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  3. A Babys name Tips for naming babies



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Here's a very helpful guide for baby gift buying. 

As you read it you may click on the underlined words to go directly to the page at to obtain it. Believe me it is the easiest way possible to obtain everything your heart desires. If you have any questions, suggestions or wish to report any errors or omissions please let us know.   


~~View our list of Baby Gift ideas - under $30 ~~

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Baby gift ideas - under $30 Hand-picked by eSonShine at 

Must Have Items for Newborn Baby - Checklist


A baby shower gift buying guide

by Sheila Allee


Shower to Shower
Nursery Necessities
Good, Clean Fun
Keepsakes--For the Baby with Everything
Go, Baby, Go
Just for Mom
Baby Registry

Shower to Shower
Let's face it. Babies are consumers, just like the rest of us. They go through diapers,
shampoo, wipes, clothing, booties, toys, and dozens of other items with abandon. And that makes it a challenge for mom and dad to keep their little consumers supplied with all they need.

That's why, long ago, someone invented baby showers--and now they're an indispensable tradition. Your sister has her first baby, so you throw a shower because she needs everything! After outfitting her newborn son, you find out she's having another baby. This one's a girl. Sis needs everything again!

There's intense debate about whether baby showers are necessary or appropriate for baby number two, baby number three, and any subsequent children. But when you ask the moms, the response is nearly always the same--showers are appreciated for all babies.

In some cases, a baby shower is actually a necessity. Perhaps it's been 10 years since the last addition to the family or maybe there have been so many babies (and so many hand-me-downs) that the revolving collection of baby clothes has just plain worn out.

Whatever the circumstances, moms (and dads) like the attention and they want each child to be welcomed as special and unique. Following are some baby gift ideas that lean toward the practical.



Nursery Necessities
Think useful, not cutesy.
Crib sheets, bumper pads, night-lights, and lamps are always appreciated. If you know the room décor, matching pictures and cloth wall hangings are also appropriate. Try crib or car-seat toys or soothing lullaby CDs to help baby drift off to sleep. Breastfeeding moms will also appreciate breastfeeding accessories and a nursing pillow.



Good, Clean Fun
Make a splash with a sweet and practical bath time gift. From the basics to fun extras, you can really put together a fun bath "kit" with a little creativity. Start with
skin and hair care products--shampoo, soap, baby oil, lotion, washcloths, and baby powder. Baby will also appreciate a water-friendly toy or two, because after all, bath time is fun time! Also consider a bath seat to hold baby up in the water, a soft robe or hooded towel, and (why not?) the bathtub itself.



Keepsakes--For the Baby with Everything
Sometimes parents don't really need a shower. They've already been to the baby store and stocked up on everything imaginable. But you still want to honor the new little one.
Photograph albums and baby books with pockets for keepsakes--such as that first lock of hair or the first tooth for the tooth fairy--might fit the bill.

A picture frame is always a welcome gift, especially since parents will be snapping photos nonstop for some time to come. Other ideas for the baby with everything are a porcelain cereal bowl or silver-plated keepsake box.



Go, Baby, Go
Not to be forgotten is the durable goods section (or shall we say, "semi durable," since baby items tend to get heavy use):
strollers, car seats, and infant carriers and baby slings. Nearly all mothers will give you a thumbs up if you present a baby swing, which is perfect for soothing and occupying baby while mom is doing something else.

Some baby shower hostesses take the practical route and furnish mom with a brand-new--and fully stocked-- diaper bag. A battle-ready diaper bag comes pre-equipped with baby wipes, diapers, changing pad, pacifiers, small soft toys, lotions and powders, and sealable disposal bags for used diapers.



Just for Mom
Pregnancy is tough on mom, so she'll appreciate a little pampering. Your gift might be to cook dinner in the first week after the new baby arrives home. Or you might give a gift certificate for free baby-sitting, to be redeemed when mom and dad are ready for a night out. Hiring a cleaning service so that the new parents can spend more time with the little one is another nice gesture.

Mom might also like personal items such as nightgowns for the hospital, skin care products, and certificates for a manicure or pedicure. And she certainly would appreciate a sampler of vitamins, especially if she'll be nursing her newborn.



Baby Registry
Finally, shopping from a
Baby Registry makes it easy to give your favorite parents-to-be exactly what they want. You can search for their registry by name, state, or code. If you live far away or won't be able to make it to the shower, you can even have the gift wrapped and shipped!


Sheila Allee is a writer based in Austin, Texas. A former Associated Press correspondent, she specializes in speechwriting and business communications, and writes articles for consumer magazines. She likes to swim, read, and cook for her friends.


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