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Hi! I'm Somebody's Mom!

When’s the last time you’ve heard that as an introduction? Probably never! Yet, I distinctly remember one time when it happened! 

OK! I’m probably going to date myself with this statement, but it appeared as a COMMERCIAL! No… not recently.  

Picture this: you are watching the TV and a commercial breaks. You hear the words, “Hi! I’m somebody’s mom!” and in rolls a stereotyped mother, complete with marcelled hair, a nice necklace, a tea length A-style dress, riding on an eggbeater! Do I remember what she was selling? NO. Do I remember the product sponsors? NO. 

But the image is stuck in my mind for eternity! Now, can you guess my age? Does Rosie and the “quick picker-upper” ring a bell? How about a white tornado and a genie? 

I’ve often wondered to myself why that image stuck in my mind for so long. The image I can understand, but the words, “Hi! I’m somebody’s mom!” took me a little longer to figure out. It really has to do with credibility. 

In the days before commercials became artistic statements, the experts cited to prove that a home product was valuable were MOMS! So the actresses portraying us were fixed up to appear as the stereotypical, All-American Mom! The name “MOM” alone was enough to sell the product.  

Sadly, the name “Mom” doesn’t hold that clout anymore! I really don’t understand why! There seems to be an infinite variety of Moms out there in the world. There are single moms. There are married moms who stay at home. There are single moms who stay at home – Wow! There are work-at-home moms. There are moms who volunteer and should be called working moms. There are moms with full-time outside jobs. There are moms with part-time jobs. There are moms with home businesses. There are moms who are leaders and organizers of support groups for moms; moms who are members of support groups. My list can go on and on and on! Freelance moms, moms with empty nests, moms of toddlers, moms of preschoolers, moms of the pre-teens, moms of teenagers! Moms of adopted children, moms of foster children… political moms. Pastoral moms, even moms with no biological children, but have “adopted” unofficially some poor lost souls into their hearts. I’ve noticed that teens love to adopt moms.  

My point is that real moms tend to be the adhesive that binds our society together. We’re not just moms because we gave biological birth. Giving birth is just the beginning of a training session called parenthood. In this training session, we learn the fine art of Momhood. I’m a mom of teens and I can see that my Momhood is just beginning. The switch will not be turned off the moment the youngest one leaves the home. 

In spite of the lack of credibility, our role as Mom expands as our love for each other does. We volunteer in hospitals, we head organizations, we begin caring outreaches, we have tea and cookies/ Bible studies in each others’ homes, and neighborhood watches.  

Being a Mom should carry a LOT of credibility. If it doesn’t soon, our society’s fabric will soon begin to unravel. There will be no personal, Mom’s touch. So, let’s regain some pride in being a Mom! Now that my kids have taught me how, I’ll be proud to say, “Hi! I’m somebody’s Mom!” 

Bev Terry is a mom, first and foremost, of two teens! In the process of training to be a mom, she has been a teacher in public, private and home schools. She has home schooled her children from their first days. She also operates a home business, Pro-Proofing @ Home as freelance writer, editor and proofreader. In her spare time she plays the piano and teaches a children’s choir. You can email her at


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