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Solar Frontier

Solar Frontier A.D. 2100

Above is a depiction of the Solar System from near Saturn in February, 2100, although the distance between objects is obviously very compressed. Screenshot taken from GZStorm's Solar System 4D.


I've been developing Solar Frontier since I was around 10 years old. It's been through different versions and names. I intend to create an in-depth resource akin to a sourcebook for creating stories in this universe.

History (in-universe)

Solar Frontier is a possible future wherein humankind continued the "space race" well into the 21st century. Many countries and privately-owned companies joined the endeavor and mankind was propelled into the cosmos by sheer determination, curiosity, and greed.

By 2100, generations of humans live and die in orbital colonies located around the numerous planets and moons of the solar system, surviving on synthesized and raw materials mined from gas giants and asteroids by a robust commerce system. Space travel is still difficult, but commonplace. Outer colonies are relatively isolated from the inner planets due to the immense distances ships and messages need to travel.

Interplanetary Travel

Because of the vast distances between planets, and the extreme differences in velocities of their revolutions around the sun, travel from planet A to planet B is rarely in a straight line. Gravity has plenty of time to affect the course of travel, and a ship must match the velocity of the destination planet. Ships must have the right propulsion and enough fuel for massive changes in velocity. The relative positions of planets will determine the time and course of travel.