Greetings! Welcome to my trading site.

All of this is music that I would have paid for twenty years ago had it been available. And it still isn't available today, except through these channels. You want me to pay for it, make it available! It'd sound better as a commercial product anyways.

Everything on this site is for trading purposes only, nothing is for sale.

Trade Guidelines: I'm not a Nazi, but in order to set up a trade that will please both parties we need to agree on how to trade before the trade. If I contact you, we follow your guidelines. If you contact me, we follow mine. These are of course negotiable if needed, but if I don't hear anything from you regarding how to trade then I'll figure you've read my guidelines and that we are going to trade by them.

NOTE: Due to some recent issues with trades if you contact me about setting up a trade I will not be able to ship my discs until after I have received yours. This is only on first trades, of course. On any future trades I'll send you the discs as soon as they're burned.

Newbies. Check my guidelines for my "Newbie Policy."

What I'm looking for:

Write me, send me your list or your website address. Chances are you've got something I'd like to have.

What I've got:

Red items are for confirmed incoming trades, check back for status within a week or so. All tracklist and info is under suspicion until I receive the discs and give'em a listen.

NOTE: Comments about performances are not mine, but are gleaned from various sources around the Net. They do not represent my recommendations. I don't "rate" my discs, too many preferences, too many opinions about content versus sound, etc. This is an art, not a science, a hobby, not a religion. If you have a question about a disc just write me.

Check out my links page for where to go for a non-exhaustive list of info on various artists.

- These little red stars represent shows that I personally like, shows that I actually listen to, that are not just a part of my collection. For some (for instance Van Morrison's "From Dublin..." or Wings' "Last Flight") the sound is perfect. For others (The Who "Chicago '71" or Neil Young "Roxy Night") the sound is far from perfect, but the performance is worth the poor sound quality.

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I'm now entering the world of DVD trading. Check out my page over at

This is a hiss friendly zone... long as it is surrounded by great music.

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