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The Barina has been sold for a while now, I then bought a 200sx s15 and had that for about 3 years. I now own a Toyota Hilux Surf. I have moved on from the Holden Barina long ago. The last pics that I took of my Barina can be seen in the Pictures section. The website has also been updated.


I went to Sydney Auto Salon one of the biggest car shows in Australia. I entered the sound off which was run by the same people that did the DB Drag racing event in Brookvale. I got a SPL reading of 142.1db which got me into the finals. I only got 1 proper run and in the 2nd run I blew my sub so I was not able to go into the finals. If the sub didn't blow I would of gotten 3rd place there. The results are on as well. Also check out the Auto Salon web site at


Went to a DB Drag event at Strathfields Brookvale in Sydney. I got a 139.6db which got me into the finals. In the finals I stuffed up real bad and played the beginning of track number 12 on my MTX cd when I was suppose to fast forward it to the middle which was louder. Because of this I came 3rd but I had the 2nd highest DB check out the results at


At last I got rewarded for all the work and money I have spent on my car. I am now the 2001 Mega Crank Class A SPL competition champion. This competition was held in Newcastle at the paceway behind marathon stadium. I was heaps nervous going into the comp because I had my car tested the day b4 which I got 111db. I came into the comp and saw that ppl were getting about 120-130db and I thought I am going to embarrass myself in this competition and I was about to not enter. In this comp you get 5 attempts, I was really nervous for my first attempt and then I got 137.8db, I was so happy because this put me into first place. my 2nd attempt was 137.6 then the 3rd was 137.4 these were very close which meant it wasn't a fluke that I got this reading. 137.8db was enough to win because no one was even close to me so I didn't even go for my last 2 attempts. Then this festiva comes up with 136.8d for their 4th attempt, I think she borrowed her bfs gear to put in her car because she was getting under 130db for her first 3 attempts. Then she had her 5th attempt and it was 137.8db which means she came equal 1st with me. I then had to use my 4th attempt and borrowed the same CD she used and got 138.8db. I was the last person to get tested and everyone was watching to see if I could come 1st outright even the guys from JB hifi helped my by pushing my boot down so I could get a higher db, thanks JB hifi dudes!!! For coming first in the class I got a trophy and $150 cash.


Got a Stinger 1 FARAD capacitor and some new RCA's.


Got some thick 4 gauge cable to run from the battery to the amp which is much better than the thin 8 gauge. Also got myself a new cool looking fuse holder.


Got myself a JL audio 15" subwoofer today. This thing is awesome with the new amp, it defeaned me at first but im use to it now or maybe I'm deaf now because of it. I got it dirt cheap because im such a good bargainer, i got it for 50 cents more than cost price and $100 less than their marked price. Also bought a box with it as well which costed a 3rd of the price at Vilec in Cardiff. If any of you guys want to buy a new sound system then go to Newcastle Pro Sound in Jesmond they are good guys there, they know their stuff, have the best brands and are cheap.


Got a new amp the Jaycar 2 x 150WRMS this thing is so powerful and cheap. Hot4s bench tested this amp and got 2 x 147.6WRMS running at 4-Ohm stereo, 2 x 233.3WRMS running at 2-Ohm stereo and 1 x 438.9WRMS in 4-Ohm bridged this is how my amp is running at the moment.


New email feature has been added to my web site now. You can get your own email thats in the format of click on free email in the frame on the right to get your free email.


At last I have the password to change my website again. I have done a lot to my car since ive last written in here. Some of the things ive done to my car are:

Got a new front spoiler because I was in another accident. This front spoiler doesn't look as good as the old one.

Got myself some 16" rims and 205/40 tyres to fit.

Got a resonator put onto my exhaust so its not too loud.

Got a new 10" Alpine VR Subwoofer and made a box for it.

Got new pair of alpine 6.5" splits for the front.

Today I got new pair of 6"x9" 3 way alpine speakers on the rear parcel tray.

Probably did other things as well but I can't remember them since its been a while now.


A cop defected my car at almost midnight because I had one windscreen wiper and my headlights were coloured. Stupid cops!


Bought this really cool rainbow strobe for my headlights in Cabramatta at Carmate. It makes the front headlights change colours as you drive pass people.


Built my new sub woofer box in Sydney with my friend Thanh who is doing his traineeship in Strathfield's. The box looked really good but it wasn't perfect so I spent the next day sanding it down so now its perfect.


Went to Newcastle for the 3 months holidays.

Had a drag with Aaron's Micra check out his site at Cisco's Micra Files. We had 2 drags both drags Aaron took his subs and spare wheel out. In the first drag I took all the junk out of my car like steering wheel lock, cricket bat and squash racquet and I still had my sub box and spare wheel in the back and I still beat Aaron's Micra. The 2nd drag I put everything back in my car and my friend Colin was in my car with me and I still beat Aaron's Micra.


Went to the muffler place today and got a reading of how loud my exhaust is. It was 102db and the legal limit is 90db so its way over.


Put pictures of my car in the My Barina section.


I've been carless for a few days because theres something wrong with the thermostat and have to get it ordered in. It cost $80 for the GSi which is heaps expensive. Also had to get a new top radiator hose which is pretty rare to find. I've just realised that parts for a Barina GSi is pretty expensive and rare, thats because GSi are rare which is a good thing, you don't see heaps of them around like those Excels.


Got my front spoiler put on and it looks exactly like the red GSi one in the Pics section, it looks awesome now all I need is some new rims but I can't afford them now. I also got my alarm put in today too.


Got my custom made floor mats, they fit perfectly :)

Created the chat section. Try it out its heaps cool. It's like mIRC but using your browser. Come in and chat about cars.


Moved my site to the uni server so there isn't that annoying geocities ad, but the geocities one still exist.


Got a $114 ticket for talking on my mobile phone while driving on the freeway from Newcastle to Canberra. The cops seem to like my flashing blue and red light on the antenna of my mobile and asked what sort of phone it was.


Put this site up on the web.


Got a 2" exhaust put in from the cat to the muffler and now it is heaps loud.


Crashed my GSi into an old Holden ute. I broke the front right headlight and front bumper but too poor to fix it so I won't fix it until I get some money.


Got a 2" sports muffler and 3 1/2" chrome dumper tip put on and a K&N airfilter put on a few days before this.

Some time early in the year 1999

I sold the Feroza and bought myself a 1995 Barina GSi from a car dealer in Newcastle. I test drove it about 5 times and I loved it. I liked the Feroza because it was a 4wd and I could take it anywhere but it was breaking down, it needed a new gear box, clutch and tyres.

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