Works of art by Hilton Harris
Hey, I'm just making websites here for the fun of it, so I decided to make one with my artwork on it.
My artwork is abstract. It has no inner meaning. It exists solely to be what it is. My aim is to give those who view it a pleasant sensation. If you need a more pleasant sensation I suggest you consult your significant other.
If I was a good artist I would have paintings and drawings on here of my wife, all my ex-wives and girlfriends in the nude.
But, since I'm not a good artist (good thing too, because I don't have the financial wherewithal to fight my ex-wives and girlfriends in court for putting nude pictures of them on the web) I just have these abstract things that I doodled out while I was high. I quit getting high about fifteen years ago, but hey, alcohol is still legal!! My newer pieces may not have straight lines but I think they're cool.
Go get high, then come back and enjoy my art work.
I was framed !!
Click on the small masterpieces to see larger versions.
Tai Sea
Dr. Weeble
Geothermals # 9
Spiral Architect # 1
The Big Bang
Anna's Heart
Candy Store
Cock Fight In Juarez
Old Lady Green
Geothermals # 10
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