The Man of Shadow
In the distance he stands
The dark winter breeze blowing hair and cape
His eyes hold the truth
His voice the future
In your dreams he waits
Mysterious, wise, powerful
A myth is he
What his purpose
Only you can find

Should you look into the distance
Through fog and endless dark
He is there
In his eyes, you see the truth
In his voice your future lies
Is he a man of death or life?
It shall be you who will decide

He is pale
And dressed in black
Long hair silky and dark
Blowing in the wind about his perfect face
His eyes yellow and burning
A voice like an angel
Smooth honey
Bitter sweet
He sings a melody
Listen closely to his song
A riddled song it may be
Decipher it as best you can
For it is your future that he sings
Listen closely
And find out what will be tomorrow

Life and death are but a song
The song a pattern
Listen and you shall understand
Do not make fun of his voice
For he can kill you with a song
Do not stare into the yellow flames
For you may not like what you see
In the eyes of the man of shadow

Heed my advice
And Beware
If in the night
You come to see
A man in black standing in the winter breeze
Listen well to his prophecy
What is heard will change you
Behind the dark man are the paths
And when the song ends
You will choose
The path that is right for you
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