The Centaur

In a forest of the utmost enchantment
The moon’s beams glisten down upon the scene
Shadows cover all in multicolor shades
Midnight dew sparkles on jade petals
Vividly decorated flowers shudder
As fairies lay down to commence slumber

The floral earth sings a magical lullaby
All charmed creatures doze in leafy beds
Nothing can be heard save the melody
La, la, la sings the breeze to the trees
Swish, swish, swish replies the greenery
In the distance something arouses

In a dress of white she wanders the woods
Bare feet step daintily upon silken moss
Pixies sleepily peer from unclosed buds
As the enchantress slowly surpasses beyond
Gracefully gliding over the emerald earth
And reaching her purpose at the lustrous stream

There she gazes upon the reflection in the blue
The mirror later ripples and she twirls away
Alluring eyes find her lover crossing the stream
Galloping toward, he makes barely a splash
Chest bared and a cord tied round a braid of black
A strung bow on his arm and arrows at his back

Crossed the stream he gazes upon she with eyes of fire
And she upon he with the same knowing desire
He caresses one flawless cheek and she trembles
Lips upon lips, the two engulf in an embrace
Lifted into brawny arms, she deeply sighs
He carries her away across the crystal water

A pure blossom to be devoured by a ravenous beast
Fairies giggle mischievously at the abduction
But are soon put to rest by the singing of the earth
Colorful buds close about little sprites as they sleep
On the morrow they will awake playing toward the sight
To behold what on that prior night had transpired
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