The Blade

You!  Who I followed through childhood
And still follow today
You are my sword
Shining brilliant and deadly
When in need I come to you
Yet, wield you I cannot
You! Who I hate
And can only love
I am but the hilt
So close I am to you
But I can never reach you
For, you are just too far away
Brother! I long for your friendship
For times when it was just you and I
We are connected and bound by blood
Never forget, we come from the same tree
You and I, we should not fight
For what is a sword without a hilt?
Tis only just a blade
And a hilt without the blade?
It can only be a handle
I am useless without the shimmering blade
So please, do not forget the hilt
For it is what holds the blade in place
It takes both to create the sword
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