Beyond the Hole
She looked upward toward the light,
     Through the hole the sky was so polished,
Down below she stood in a darkened night,
     To scale on rocky walls or be demolished,
          One could never survive down beneath,
               Not in darkness without a life of one so free,
          Squeezing through that small hole would be relief,
                Once escaped from her confinement, may flee.

Yes, to escape toward the blue would be bliss,
Yet, on rocky edge should a hand succeed to miss,
Down she would fall into the cold abyss,
     Here she stood on floor, safe in the gloom,
     Her freedom set so high, far as the moon,
     Cannot climb without tumbling to her doom,
           Fearing to fall, she will remain down below,
           Habitually staring at the life beyond the hole.
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