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Shinigami195: Welcome to my small home on the net, I'm finally helping my muses out!

Chibi Shini: One of the many small homes and it's about bloody time.

Shinigami195: Shh, I'm the webmistress, Shinigami195 and these are my muses. Chibi Shini & Chibi Hee-Chan who are the muses behind all my 2x1x2 fics. Then I have Ickle Wu-Bear, my muses behind angsts and then I have Aya-Koi and Omi-Koi who just fuck each other all day! I have many other muses but they don't really help me.

Other muses: Well thank you very much! *Storms off*

Shinigami195: Ignore them, they'll be about later on. My muses have agreed to show you around my site. So I'll leave you in their capable hands while I go and write some more fics! *Disappears under the desk*

Chibi Shini: Well hello there! *Bows* Boku no namae wa Shini Chibi desu. Before I start the tour Please take a quick look at the warning page, yes click here. Then report back here. *waits* Well go on!

Chibi Hee-Chan: Do you actually think people bother to read the warnings?

Chibi Shini: They should do but it's up to them. If they don't want to listen to good advice then it's up to them, but they should know what they are getting themsleves into. Oh you're back? Ok so you now know this site is for 17+ adults who understand the meanings of yaoi, lemons, NCS ect? Good then lets start the tour.

Chibi Hee-Chan: Welcome to the Index Page, from here you can go to anywhere on the site, you just have to click on alot of links. The site is divided into 7 levels and each level is divided into rooms, each room contains a fic.

Chibi Shini: So of you go and enjoy yourself, there's lots of muses about to help you if you lose your way or need something! BYE!
This page is being reformatted at the moment. It'll be finished soon!
Last Update: 16/10/03

Updates Page
<<<--- Level One - THE ONESHOTS, hosted by the 2x1Devil.
An author page has been up with links to each fic on this site, check it out here!!!!!
Level Two - PWPs, hosted by Chibi Shini.
<<<--- Level Three - GWU, hosted by Tigger02
Level Four - GWAU, hosted by Hee-Chan, Sweet_Quat.--->>>
<<<---Level Five - Off World Gallery, hosted by Aya-Koi
Level Six - The ARCS, hosted by Dizzy --->>>
Level Seven - Shinigami195's ORIGINAL STORIES (off site @ mo)
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