Panda Panic! Demo
     Help a panda avoid falling light bulbs in this fun game. It's a work in progress.

Future Teller
     Use this to make wacky predictions about your future. Better version with more fortunes!

Magic Cue Ball
     Like an electronic "Magic Eight Ball", but with more attitude. Type in a yes or no question and get an instant answer.

Robot Dance
     Play a pointless robotic dancing game.
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Welcome to Calvin's Website!

The Story of Lee
     A story about a retarded cow who faces difficulties of fitting in

The Reindeer's Revenge
    A story about the reindeer's attempted murder of Santa Claus

Household Appliance Man
    The story of Omar Douglas, a man who can control household appliances with his mind

My new site is This site will remain as a placeholder until the transition to the new page is complete.


This site has moved to:

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AIM: PseudoChron 1

10/9/04 now has the flash games. Go there instead.

7/26/04    One of these days I will add new content to my website. When this happens, it will most likely be at my new site My new email address is My new AIM screen name is PseudoChron1.

My email address has changed. It is now, instead of @juno.

    "Magic Cue Ball" is now on my website! It's an online magic eight ball with better answers. Type in any yes or no question and the Cue Ball will answer it. Combine it with Future Teller and you could make people think you're psychic. It has 100 possible answers.

11/27/02     Now there is a "Links" section where you can see links to some of my favorite websites.

2/6/03     Improved Future Teller is finally online! It has three times as many possible fortunes and some animation. 3 times better than the original!



    A collection of funny poems

     Links to fun websites and useful internet tools


Panda Panic!
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