Retired and Upcoming
'Gypsie' ^(above/left, black-tan) and her sister 'Cricket' (lower left, sable) both around 3lbs, littermates & daughters of 'Shaver' (below). They were among our first & best Chihuahuas, though their small size made them more delicate as breeders. Cricket is retired and lives here with us.
Gypsie's son, '
Gulliver' is above right (also see his sister 'Roxxi').
"Shaver" fathered some beautiful puppies in his day.>
< Peanut, 4-5lbs, is Acorns' daughter,
and mother to many of our smallest puppies.
Ace , one of her sons, shows the type she throws.  She now has a very pampering home in Tennessee.
'Polly' mothered some of our smallest and cutest puppies. She was a cheeky but loving girl.
'Mickey', 3 lbs, was our first male for a long time when we started out.
Cheyenne was a Timmy/Jewel daughter who was very  gentle and sweet.
These are some young puppies added to our breeding program.  We have great hopes in the future from them.
Jubilee, a Carmen/Rebel girl, at 4 weeks and 13 weeks.
Stitch.  A promising girl from Cam's and Ouachitah lines.
A champion grand-sired girl (left) and boy (right) out of my Ebony and Rebel (sired by  Ch. Charming Chi's Shenandoah). 
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