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Current Turn-around Time - 2-3 days
Current Backlog - None as of 06/25/05

Greetings, and welcome to May's Otaku Isle, a personal anime haven created for fansub trade and distribution. MOI is home to a vast collection of fansubs ("Subbed by fans, for fans, not for sell or rent!"), mostly available in VHS format, along with some digitally subbed anime available for CD-R distribution. Feel free to wander around and see the sites.

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Meet Bob the otaku bear, offical mascot of MOI.

News / Updates:

6/25/05 - Still open for trade and distribution, even though the fansubs lists are hopelessly out of date. My current anime favorites are Bleach (37 episodes subbed so far) and Naruto (still going strong at 130 episodes).

7/14/04 - Got new digisubs, but still too lazy to update the list. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. ^_^

4/29/04 - I've been downloading tons of digisubs, but I haven't updated the fansub lists in several months due to sheer laziness. If you're looking for a specific series that isn't listed, just e-mail me about it, and I'll let you know if I have it.

Thanks to Minh L. for the lovely fan pic. ^_^

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