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Room to Grow

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Superman Annual #9,
Synopsis: DC's theme was "Pulp Heroes", and Clark Kent/Superman became uncannily like another Clark we know and love. Also, shadowy figures were sighted at the end of the story who looked suspiciously like Doc and his friends. (Magazine found by Steven Ogden.)
Review: I enjoyed the story, especially in light of the fact that much of the "Superman" character was based originally on our Man of Bronze. (Man of Bronze/Man of Steel, Fortress of Solitude/ditto, name Clark, Doc was originally described as a 'superman'...okay, I'll shut up now.) Wonderful cover art of Superman in the trademark ripped shirt.
Forty Winks, #1 - 4
Synopsis: A little girl enters a dreamworld and meets strange characters. In issue 2, she meets the Street and Smith Gang; one boy calls himself "Penumbra" and seems quite a bit like The Shadow. Another is obviously a "Doc" character, and there are two more who appear to be Monk and Ham characters. The dreamworld is more dangerous than she thinks. Black and white interior. (Magazine found by Steven Ogden.)
Review: It's always a nice suprise to find a Doc Savage reference where you least expect it. Cute, a different kind of story, and a fun read.
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