Yero the Great


     Back about 2000 years ago in the city of Tokyo, Japan there was a great samurai named Yero. Yero was much like any other young samurai, during the day he trained hard to learn the ways of the samurai. He trained all day long, never stopping; except for the quick 5-minute break every few hours. One day when he was almost finished with his training for the day, one of the Master samurai’s servants came to see him. The servant told Yero that the Master Samurai of Tokyo wanted to see him the next morning. Yero was afraid at first because he did not know what the Master Samurai wanted. After the servant left, Yero thought to himself what if the Master Samurai was punishing him for not training hard enough and how the Master Samurai was going to punish him. So Yero thought about this all night.


     The next morning Yero went to the Master Samurai’s castle. When Yero got to the castle he was told that he must fight three of the best samurais in the land before he could see the Master Samurai. Having no choice Yero agreed to fight the best samurais of the land. The First fight was between Yero and one of his long time friends, John. Yero fought John and won pretty easily. The second fight was between him and a guy named Gohan. At first it looked like Yero was going to win but Gohan was not about to be defeated as easily as John was. Gohan put up a good fight but could not compare to Yero’ s great skill.


     After a short break Yero took on the strongest and fastest of all the samurais in the land. When the fight was about to start Yero went up to his opponent, and asked him his name, but the Masked Samurai would not tell Yero his name. Instead the Masked Samurai told Yero that "if you defeat me you can know my name, but if you lose I will steal your soul." Yero knew from that point on that this battle was going to be the hardest one that he ever fought.


     When the battle started Yero came charging at the Masked Samurai, but the Masked Samurai moved out of the way so fast that, it did not seem that he moved. Yero thought to himself that he had missed but he knew that his aim was dead on. While Yero was thinking to himself the Masked Samurai wasted no time on attacking Yero. One hit and Yero went flying across the ring. When Yero got up he knew that he was going to focus all his strength to fight the Masked Samurai. As the Masked Samurai came flying at Yero, he hit the Masked Samurai as hard as he could, and away the Masked Samurai went. The two men kept exchanging blows for a half-hour or more. Than Yero gave out the final blow to the Masked Samurai. The Masked Samurai fell down to the ground. Knowing that he was out matched the Masked Samurai said to Yero "you have won Yero, good job." As the Masked Samurai got up Yero asked him "what is your name Masked Samurai." He looked at Yero and threw down a dust orb, and disappeared into thin air. Before the smoke was gone the Masked Samurai said, "I am The Master Of Souls!"


     With the three challengers defeated, Yero walked up the stairs to see the Master Samurai. When Yero got up to the top of the stairs there was a big door and he pulled it opened. The Master Samurai welcomed Yero. He told Yero that there was a dragon destroying the northern part of Japan. Yero said, "I will stop the dragon," with that Yero was off for the northern end. When Yero was traveling he saw a lot of people that needed help. He knew that he should not stop because of the dragon, but he also knew that he had to stop because it was the right thing to do. After helping every one he could, Yero moved on. When he got to the top of the hill at the northern end of Japan he saw nothing but destruction and carnage. Despite the view Yero went on looking for the dragon. After about an hour Yero was going to give up looking for the dragon, but then all of a sudden, the dragon flew out of the woods. The large beast was a lot bigger than Yero, but he stood his ground until the dragon came running after him. Yero put up a great fight but just when it looked like he was going to kill the dragon with his sword, Yero slipped and fell on the ground. He thought to himself "this is great my first mission for the master samurai and I get eaten". Just then the dragon bent his head down to eat Yero, when he was taken away by the gods.


      When Yero woke up he noticed that he was no longer in his world but in a void of nothingness. Yero thought to himself "Am I dead, or did the gods take pity on me and save me." Then with out warning a figure appeared out of no where. Yero thought that he had heard some thing behind him so he turned around and saw that it was The Master of Souls. The Master of Souls said "Yero, you’re dead but you are not going to either heaven or hell. Instead seeing that your kind and helpful to a lot of people, I am going to put you in the stars so that everyone can see how brave and kind you were." Yero said to The Master of Souls "Thank you very much sir." With that Yero went off into the stars to be seen by every one.


By The Master of Souls



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