Well these are some of the music videos that I found on the net. If you want them, download them your self and then unload them on your server, so incase they get moved or something else happens your page will now be messed up. If you are the perosn who made these videos and you do not want the up on my site, hell  just tell me about it at djjg5@hotmail.com and I will take them off. Also I have no idea what the hell these are runing on, so if you got the all the normal programs you should be fine.

         Yea their is a slight problem with the links. Seeing that all the free sites are going off line I have no place to host them. If you e mail me I will find you the origanal video from who I got it from, and you can download it from them. If there sites are still working. Also Geocities only allows me to have 10 gb of data transfer a mounth, so if you get a massage just come back in about a hour.

           Note: some of these videos have been encoded with DiVX. You can download the codec here.

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urd_moonlight.jpg (26025 bytes)

My Way by Limp Bizket
11.5 megs
clips from the one and only Vampire Hunter D

The Fisrt video that I ever created. I Know that you will love it. The timing is perfect and so is the quality of the clips.

Let me know If you want this one and I will send it to you.


Made By Master Of Souls Studios

67dc2a34.jpg (114857 bytes) This video is called FF9 Its My Life
It is about 9.45 megs

The Clips are from Final Fantsy 9

This is the second video that I made. I hope that you like it as I likes the first one. I just uploaded it so you don't need to e mail me asking for the like should work.

I am sorry i had to take this one off line because geocities delited it. I am going to swich to a nother server very soon. so please check back next week,

Let me know If there is any problems with this video, and I will try to help you fix them you.

Made By Master Of Souls Studios


lastresort.jpg (36585 bytes)


Papa Roach - Last Resort
RM (RealMedia) 6.1MB

Yes, I finally got around to redoing this music video, and believe me, its much better (this still not on par with my other work). The clips are great quality, as is the music. I put it in RealPlayer format this time, to make it look better and keep a steady framerate. Ive also added new clips with better timing, video effects, and transitions to make it look better. Ive changed about 80% of it, so it isnt just the previous version with higher quality video. To sum it up, if you liked the older version, you'll like this one twice as much (if not more)
Made by Neogohan

itsmylife.jpg (15745 bytes)


Bon Jovi - Its My Life
RM (RealMedia) 9.8MB

I heard this song one day and I thought I could make a pretty promising music video with it. I tried my hardest to get this video with enough variety in dragonball clips and the timing is almost perfect everywhere. You won't be disappointed, for I can be a picky when is comes to perfection. I know I'm still quite a ways from it, but I'm getting better with every video I make.

Also made by Neogohan

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