Welcome to Blue Side, the more private side to the Abyss roleplaying room located on worldbroadcastingsystem.biz .

Here you will find the pages and information devoted to the more indepth, heavier, and more fun storylines that Abyss has to offer. For those willing to challenge themselves, or just wanting something different, well this is the place to be.

We have a good few original stories, along with a few darker more mature twists on some old (rather hated) storylines. Hey don't knock em till you try 'em! The originals can be very involving and enveloping, but we ask you put just a bit of effort into your writing if you do decide to join.

I would also like to say, no..no applications needed, just run things by Cheshy if you want to know if your character is ok. I ask this because I know alot of people out there, tend to try and find loopholes to make their characters just a bit more powerful then others. Thats a pet peeve of mine, so just.. check things out with me if you want something strong ok? I'll see if I can work something out for you. Anyway..Get to looking
Stepping into the Abyss..
If you're looking for something alittle more open, easy, lighthearted, and just a bit less stuffy, try the Gray Side. It's got all the completely free and open storylines for anyone and every one to take part in. It is also is the page where contact information and rules can be found
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