New Bush Ads Focus on Reality TV
March 4, 2004
WASHINGTON, DC-- Following a new strategy to counter public outrage from recent political ads, President Bush has unveiled plans for a weekly-televised program entitled Extreme Makeover: Nation Edition.  The pilot episode will feature the island nation of Haiti and the U.S.-backed removal of former leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

     The new marketing campaign was developed in response to the ill-received ads that began airing this week.  The ads feature 9/11 footage, which many viewers found disturbing and disrespectful to victims of the terrorist action in New York and Washington, DC.

     Karl Rove, who lobbied Bush on the new marketing direction, expressed his confidence in the new show, which first airs next week.

     "We expect this show to mimic the success of other reality shows such as Trading Spaces, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, and that other one where people get face lifts," he said.  "In Haiti, President Bush shows that America can not only topple governments, but can also do it in less than 48 hours.  And you'll be amazed at the remodeling job we did with Port-Au-Prince."

     Rove did not disclose the location of the next nation to be made over by the U.S. military, although he hinted toward a certain Asian country.

    "President Bush has put so many countries on the list for the new show, but we would like to keep the next episode a secret," Rove said.  "But I will tell you that we're currently filming on location.  And after the final cut, we'll have to have a barbecue," he said with a grin.

     Analysts believe that the "barbecue" referred to a Korean barbecue, a multi-dish extravaganza with several choices of meats, vegetables, and soups.  North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has been on the Bush administration's to-be-toppled list for almost a decade now.

     President Bush has also pushed for other new shows, which can make or break his chances of re-election.  According to a senior White House official, Bush is currently drawing up plans for shows entitled, Survivor: Middle East, My Big Fat Obnoxious 50 Mega-ton Nuke, and a U.S.-backed version of Average Joe Stalin.
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