HDBAY Creator Remembers Web Site
March 7, 2004
    New updates to HDBAY finally hit the web last week as Dave, the HDBAY creator, finally got off his ass to make an actual update to the web site.

     The last web update prior to March 5th's article came almost a full year ago, when one of the site's writers penned an article with the headline of "Foreign Invasion Replaces Baseball as America's Favorite Pastime."  The article poked fun at the Bush administration's decision to invade Iraq, which was at the time justified by Saddam Hussein's arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

     Dave's new update comes on the heals of a recent e-mail from Yahoo's Geocities citing a lack of activity on the HDBAY account.  After the threat of pulling his account and deleting his web site, Dave decided to sit down and write a satire article.

     "I decided to check my Yahoo account, and, after sifting through about five thousand spam messages, I saw one that actually looked legitimate," he said.  "It didn't have any mispelled words in it, and had nothing to do with cheaper toner, increasing my size, or finding an online date."

     Dave's new article focuses on a recent string of political ads by President Bush, and a new marketing spin he and his advisors has adopted.

     After writing the article, Dave once again envisioned grandiose plans of making consistent updates with at least moderate to good satirical material.  Several writers immediately scoffed at his enthusiasm, and began taking bets as to when the next update will be.

     Shannen Jones, a freelancer for HDBAY, had little confidence in Dave's plan. 

     "We'll just wait and see," she said in a phone interview.  "He said he was working on a screenplay, but I haven't even seen the synopsis yet."
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