Daylilies in L.A.
Daylily Display Garden
hosted by
The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Gardens
301 N. Baldwin Avenue
Arcadia, CA
This picturesque Daylily Display Garden is located at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden. The Arboretum is a stunning 127 acres located near the San Gabriel Mountains in Arcadia, California. Originally, the site was purchased by Elias ďLuckyĒ Baldwin in 1875. However in 1947, California and Los Angeles jointly purchased 111 adjoining acres; thus  creating the Arboretum around the Baldwin site. Finally in 1956, the Arboretum was opened to the public. Sure enough, it wasnít long before Hollywood discovered the Arboretumís flourishing gardens and quickly made it the backdrop for numerous commercials, TV shows and  motion pictures. Portions of two Jurassic Park movies and Anaconda were filmed there.  The Arboretum's many garden displays include the Aquatic Garden, Prehistoric Garden and Jungle Gardens; additionally, the gardens are grouped geographically including South African, Mediterranean and, of coarse, Asian -where the daylily originated. Nestled within the Asian boundaries is a three and a half acre parcel where an official American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) Daylily Display Garden resides.
H. "Jedi Dot Pierce"
H. "Emporor Butterfly"
H. "Black Eyed Bully"
H. "Peppermint Truffle"
H. "Velvet Ice"
H. "Spacecoast Star Child"
Although the Daylily Display Garden is relatively new, opening in 2006, it is already bejeweled in many daylily colors and forms. There are hundreds of breathtaking beauties to view as one walks through the newly paved pathways that were completed in 2008. Most daylilies were generously donated by AHS members nation wide. The Southern California Hemerocallis and Amaryllis Society (SCHAS) oversees the Display Garden, and many of its members along with Arboretum volunteers volunteer their time and sweat toward the upkeep of this spectacular garden.
H. "Spacecoast Gold Bonanza"
H. "Lavendar Blue Baby"
The Display Garden is planted in full sun amongst a stand of large beautiful Chinese Magnolia Trees. These grand trees are in full bloom just prior to the daylily bloom season, and they signal the up comming array of daylily bloom in the near future.  Some daylilies start blooming in May; however peak bloom season is during the months of June and July. The late blooming cultivars bloom in August.
H. "Waiting on the Wings"
H. "Lavendar Dusk"
H. "Kea Lihi"
When the daylilies are in peek bloom, the garden is in a symphony of color. Throughout the garden there are daylilies in every size, shape and color. Some are extravagant while others are more refined. Additionally, there are special areas within the Display Garden presenting examples of doubles, spiders, miniatures, California Hybridizers and Stout Medal Winners. Each individual daylily is also labeled with its name, the year the cultivar was registered with the AHS and who the hybridizer is.  Photographers are always welcome and should know that the flowers photograph best in the morning hours when the sun is not as strong and colors will be at their finest.
H. "Palace Garden Beauty"
In and around the daylily beds, and what distinguishes the L.A. Arboretum from other arboretums, are the peacocks. Around 1880 Baldwin imported two peacocks from India, and their descendants have naturalized to the area. The flock now numbers over 200. The birds have free reign of the Arboretum, and they are people safe. Not only are they beautiful, but they keep the Arboretum's snail population to a minimum. Moreover, they have had such a overwhelming influence on the city, that the peacock is now the official symbol of Arcadia. Be sure not to miss this beautiful Daylily Display Garden at the Los Angeles County Arboretum when itís in full bloom; itís like a little slice of Eden.
H. "Spacecoast Sensation"
H. "Mildred Mitchell"
H. "Key to My Heart"
H. "Shelter Cove"
Note: All photos on this page were taken at the Daylily Display Garden in the L.A. Arboretum.

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