Daylilies in L.A.
It is the goal of this site to inform those curious about growing daylilies, and include  additional information for those in the Los Angeles area.

(Hemerocallis) have rapidly transformed in recent years due to modern hybridization and have advanced far beyond the ditch lilies growing wild on the road side. In the past, choices were minimal at best;  however today, the modern daylily is available in a myriad of sizes, interesting shapes and beautiful colors. Some are quite extravagant, while others have a more demure side. There are enough varieties to suit everyone’s garden taste and  needs.

Daylilies are also one of the easiest plants to grow giving them the reputation of being America‘s favorite perennial. Truly, a green thumb is not required.

While this site has information for those in or near the Los Angeles area, there’s also plenty of info that all can benefit from. So, take a look around and enjoy!
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H. "Karen Sue"
H. "Born to Reign"
H. "Sabine Baur"
H. "Heavenly Curls"
H. "Mulberry Truffle"
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NOTE: Pictures are examples of daylily blooms and are not necessarily representative of what will be displayed at the Daylily Show or Arboretum.
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