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Here's a couple of photos of the new Detroit Tigers stadium, Comerica Park.  Nothing will ever replace Tiger Stadium in the eyes of many a Tiger fan, myself included, but Comerica is a beauty anyway.  I'm hoping to see 2 games there this year.  Will put some photos in of my trip.
photo courtesy of Detroit Tigers
photo courtesy of Detroit Tigers
Had a fabulous time at the game.  The Tigers won 5-3 to go 2 games above .500 and 4 back in the wild card.  I doubt they can catch Cleveland, but the push may be just enough to get Juan Gone resigned and hopefully go after a Number 1 pitcher, Mike Mussina preferably, in the off-season.  Witnessed history also, the first inside the park home run in Comerica park history, and by Juan Gonzalez no less.  You can just hear Chris Berman making the call, "Rumbling, stumbling, bumbling.  He ... could .....go  ..  all.... the....way!!!"  How often do you see Juan Gonzalez hit an inside the parker.  Plus we witnessed the future Tiger closer and first overall draft pick in 1997, Matt Anderson, pitch a 1-2-3 9th for his first career ML Save.  And, Deivi Cruz hit his 40th double of the season, no Detroit Tiger had done that in 20 years.  Plus our tickets included a parking pass right next to Comerica Park and right next to the players parking garage.  What a great way to get autographs.  It was hat day, and I got autographs from U-Michigan alumni and current Tiger Hal Morris, Tiger Radio Broadcaster Jim Price, Tiger TV Broadcaster Frank Beckman, Steve Sparks, Michigan State alumni and current Texas Ranger Tim Crabtree, Texas Ranger Rick Helling (Nice guy who came over to me while walking with his wife and holding his 11 month old daughter.  It was really nice, I was the only one around, and he came right over.  I commented on how beautiful his daughter was, and he said 'Thanks', and I asked how old she was which was how I found out she was 11 months, and then I told him I have a 22 month old and how lucky he was, thanked him nicely and left.  Nice experience!) and my personal favorite and tough autograph from what I hear, Michigan State alumni, former Detroit Tiger, 1988 NL MVP, 1984 ALCS MVP, hit 2 HR's including the Game Winning HR in the 7th inning of Game 5 of the 1984 WS, hit pitch hit game ending 9th inning HR off Eck in the 1988 WS, does anyone not know who I'm talking about..............KIRK GIBSON!!!  Boy was I excited.  I was the only one that got an auto from him as he sped off in a limo that wasn't even his, but he got a ride from anyway.  Are you gonna tell Gibby to get out if he wanted in your limo?

And the stadium was absolutely beautiful.  I can't believe I forgot my camera.  Will definitely take pictures next year.  I scooped up a little dirt from the infield.  My stepdad went to the Final Tiger Stadium game and brought me back some infield dirt along with 3 programs.  So I figured I'll have dirt from last game Tiger Stadium and 1st year Comerica Park.  Unique collectible. 

I went to the opening game of the Seattle Mariners series in July as well.  The Tigers suck, but what can you do, the tickets were free!  It was the only game the Tigers won from the Mariners all season, and Ichiro went 2 for 4 with a SB and a run scored. 

I also have tickets for the September 30 game against Boston.  This will be the 3rd time I've seen Boston play the Tigers and sooner or later I'll get to see Pedro pitch.  More updates after the game.
I trade cards for arguably the best shortstop in the game today, Derek Jeter.
Some may argue for A-Rod, others for Nomar, but my money and cards are with Derek Jeter.

If you have any cards NOT listed on the page, contact me, and we'll work something out.
I also trade for Gabe Kapler.  Boy was I disappointed when the Tigers traded this young talent.  Once again, let me know if you have any available to trade.
I'll also collect any cards of Eric Munson or any current Detroit Tiger prospect or player, common or star.  If trading for Tigers, please have a team or your own to trade.  I would like to trade Tigers for Mariners or Tigers for Mets for example. 
I need a 1999 UD Retro Cal Ripken Jr. #13 to finish a set.
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Players Available to Trade Players range from retired HOF'ers to up and coming youngsters.  Have others if you do not find what you are looking for.  Just give me a holler.
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Eventually, all players will have their own page.  It is a time consuming task that will take a little bit of energy and time, not currently available to me.  At the bottom of the page you will find individual pages starting with Hank Aaron and going alphabetically.  Use either page for your enjoyment.
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Click on the Pooh Picture to be transferred to my daughter's website.  It is a cute one I made myself.
Click on the Pooh Picture to be transferred to my daughter's website.  It is a cute one I made myself.
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