Demonica's Anime Expo 2001 Cosplay Pics! Anime Expo 2001 Pics Click the pictures to view larger versions

From some anime or another... Umm...dunno. Belladandy Armitage & Me
...and that would be a GUY... Card Captor Me & Cutey Honey Peoples Zelda Group Shot ^_^ Kawaii!!
A couple of Digi Charats Hattori Hanzo
~Samurai Showdown~ Dilandau Albatou
~Escaflowne - The Movie~ Escaflowne Group Shot Merle & Hitomi
~Escaflowne - The Movie~ Van & Merle
~Escaflowne~ Van & Merle
~Escaflowne - The Movie~ Escaflowne Group II Gendo Ikari
~Evangelion~ Another Gamedude ~FFIX~
Vivi Extravaganza ~FFIX & Legend of Zelda?~
A crossover that'll NEVER happen... ~FFVII~
Aerith ~FFVII~
Cloud Strife after too many tacos ~FFVIII~
Squall & Rinoa ~FFVIII~
Squall Squall and...Tifa??? ~FFX~
Yuna I think...from a game? Goku and...some other guy. Guilty Gear dude ~Gundam~
With Chris & Me ~Gundam~
Zechs Marquis ~Inu Yasha~
Group Shot Inu Yasha & Kagome Jigen & Me
~Lupin~ Captain Harlock & Jeff Yagyu Jubei & Me Kaneda & Me
~Akira~ Kenshin Guys Magic Knight meets cop from Lain Pirotess
~Record of Lodoss War~ Various Anime Peoples ??? Mononoke Hime Nausicań  of the Vally of Wind I really don't know... OoLaLa
~Space Channel 5~ Haven't the foggiest. Mima
~Perfect Blue~ Pokemon Team Rocket A...pudgy man with a dragon on his shoulder.
Your guess is as good as mine. Magic Knights Rayearth Fushigi Yugi Group Slayers - Lina Inverse & Naga Spike Spiegal
~Cowboy Bebop~ I know it's not technically anime...
but he WAS there... Yeah, well...
they were there too... Ken (Streetfighter) & Me Tenchi Muyo Group Shot Tenchi Masaki Trigun Girls Trigun CAT Vash & Me The 60,000,000,000 Man Err...I think one of 'ems a MAN... More Various Anime Peoples Utena & Me Me & a guy from Wei▀ Krutz Zelda Group Shot

My Loot! I spent mucho $$ on anime stuffs... You HAVE to Zoom in on THIS one...

Anime Expo 2001 took place in Long Beach, California, July 5th-8th. If you want to know more about it,

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